[MILESTONE][ECON] Rhodesian Mineral Development Corporation

2021.10.16 17:10 chickenwinggeek [MILESTONE][ECON] Rhodesian Mineral Development Corporation

The Federation government has recently formed the Rhodesian Mineral Development Corporation for the purposes of mineral exploration, extraction, and processing in Rhodesia. This will constitute a government-owned corporation with an intrinsic monopoly power on natural resources on Federal Property as well as regulatory powers on natural resources outside of it.
The RMDC will cooperate closely with the Ministry of Transportation in order to streamline transportation and develop local infrastructure in line with the needs of mineral extractors. This will hopefully increase the viability of natural resource extraction on the world market in the long term through decreased transportation costs and less inconveniences for companies.
In addition, it will aim to work with the Colonial Office and the United Kingdom to increase the pool of skilled workers in Rhodesia related to mineral extraction, through training programs and work-related immigration to Rhodesia as well as investments by British corporations. This will also involve an eventual goal of fully prospecting the most promising parts of our country for minerals.
It will aim to keep our mining enterprise a "clean sheet" and economically efficient, aiming to keep it relatively corruption-free and not an avenue for the continued rent-seeking of rich Europeans, and eventually distribute our share of the profits towards development for all.
Milestone: Prospect 50% of the Country for Oil & Minerals | (1/1) of (6/7)
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2021.10.16 17:10 Badmanzofbassline 100% totally real off-road expedition

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2021.10.16 17:10 ntapg Great Recoveries after 19+ Strain Days

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2021.10.16 17:10 FGAC1226 Everyday advantages of Linux over Windows?

I've been looking about the advantages of switching from windows 10 to linux, and I found that most sources talk about the same topics: More secure More options Open source More configurable
I'm still new to this field, and was wondering if there is a noticeable everyday better experience when using Linux. I mainly use my computer for 3d design on blender, programming on python, a bit of unity and internet and stuff.
Would I see some improvements on my experience? Also, any downsides?
Thanks for taking time to answer, and sorry if it is an stupid question to ask.
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2021.10.16 17:10 Owens3-1050 38 years ago...

This concept of "fear of abandonment", and the way BPDs respond to it, really clicks for me. When I look at the 5 or 6 major girlfriends I had before my wife, I see the symptoms in my actions. My very first FP, when I was 15, actually got the worst of it. Coincidentally, she reached out to me a couple of weeks ago. I heard violins and was swirled in rose petals when I saw her message. Even though I have not heard from her or much about her over the last THIRTY EIGHT years...I was certain that finally I will have the love I've so desperately needed.
We've pretty much stayed on "catch-up" themes in our messages. Now, I want to tell her about my BPD...but WHY? Am I hoping to trigger sympathy/pity? Do I want to use my diagnosis now to excuse my behavior then?
According to Siri we live 1193 miles apart, I am married for 27 years with 3 kids, 2 with my wife one before. She is widowed. Her husband committed suicide while in jail for domestic abuse...she has 5 kids with different men. That all leads to me thinking we could get together now and love each other through all our wounds. . .
What do you think? Tell her or not tell her? Apologize for events that happened when I was 15 or let it go?
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2021.10.16 17:10 deniscorza My client's business name is 21 characters long!

So my question is, do I use a shortened version for the domain name? Or is this not a good idea. What about the socials? I shortened them to something reasonable but I wasn't sure if this was appropriate. And then lastly, their email. Can I use the shortened version for everything? It is available across all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to do what's best for my client but I hate the length.
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2021.10.16 17:10 mahady44 How the smartest player wins the game #APAC #LCQ

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2021.10.16 17:10 safedogemoon Check vetter.ai

Pre-Sale opportunity - https://share-w.in/2batph-35278
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2021.10.16 17:10 belkemi1 If animals could use Reddit, which animal would use which subreddit the most?

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2021.10.16 17:10 anonymous123user_ IVF after infidelity?

Would you be able to proceed with IVF with your husband who had a long term affair that resulted in pregnancy? He said he was sorry and wouldn’t happen again
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2021.10.16 17:10 vineanddandy Three times as pretty but three times as stinky!

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2021.10.16 17:09 KennyHikes 211016 - Yabuki Nako 755 Update

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2021.10.16 17:09 BigemSm6 Would you allow your girl to go on a girls trip to Florida ?

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2021.10.16 17:09 EasyBakedKikke Need help on this question about wound measuring

Hello everyone, I'm a nursing student that is struggling to know what to do when put in this situation. There is a question on a assignment I am doing that is vague and we didn't learn about. Here it is:
This "what-if" scenario is an example of things that can occur in error. Please consider the situation and tell us what you would do to put things back on course:
What if you cannot measure the depth of a wound?
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2021.10.16 17:09 jmkirsch frog, me, acrylic ink on arches hot press, 2021

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2021.10.16 17:09 Happinessisawrmgun Juve/Serie A/Footy bars in Las Vegas?

I'm flying into Vegas tomorrow for a conference till the 22nd. I have nothing scheduled for tomorrow so I wanted to catch the game vs Roma at a place with a cool atmosphere. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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2021.10.16 17:09 KeanuWeeves ITAP Redington Shores

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2021.10.16 17:09 molecat1 A revived fossil fuel power plant dedicated to BC mining

One giant step for mankind, but a backwards one. https://apnews.com/516dbd319394a6a30f83d94947abad20
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2021.10.16 17:09 aponzu Katya Elise Henry, Wiki Biography, body measurements, age, fitness, soci...

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2021.10.16 17:09 Newkindnnnn are team spirit was the next digital chaos?

this is tournament a bit familiar for me
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2021.10.16 17:09 _thunderbeard_ First space scene. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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