How to set up your RG351

The RG351 takes what people love about the RG350 and supercharges it. With an improved CPU this pocket-sized beast can run games up to PS1 with little-to-no issues. The suction cups makes up for the lack of weight to prevent it from "running away" during fights. Registers all my executions so I am happy. ... Got an RG351 popped on 351Elect with over 10 000 ... AnberPorts for Anbernic RG351P/M and RG351V running ArkOS, 351elec and The RA. PocketGo S30 retro Handheld, a retro game console based on SNES controller, allows you to play your old school games in big screen. The look-alike controller's design offers an excellent gaming experience. First up, with the R351, we'd highly recommend you ditch the stock OS and install 351ELEC instead (there's a guide on how to do that here). With this OS installed, using the R351 is an absolute ... UL 1015 hook-up wire is a PVC hook-up wire which is an Appliance Wiring Material (AWM) style that is based on the requirements of UL Standard 758, Appliance Wiring Materials. AWM 1015 is a general style for a single conductor wire that has an 80, 90 or 105°C temperature rating. a project to bring a multiplatform gaming and entertainment experience - The Retro Arena Search within r/RG351. r/RG351. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. Found the internet! 5. I need all the BIOs. Close. 5. Posted by 8 months ago. Archived. I need all the BIOs. So yeah, copied the original bios folder from the stock micro SD to the 351ELEC games partition. Tried running some systems and is stating the BIOs files are missing. Rg351p firmware ... Rg351p firmware SHENZHEN, China — Third party gaming manufacturer WinGamez has just released its newest all-in-one emulator device, the S-Uber Nantanda, and it is able to emulate every generation of gaming up to and including accurately replicating the Xbox 360 red ring effect. “Oh my god, these knockoff emulators are getting so good,” said Liam Sellers, a retro gaming enthusiast that purchased the new ...

2021.10.16 17:29 iateadonut How to set up your RG351

Get a 128G microusb and put this on it:
More details are here:
tl;dr - download an image to an arkos image that is already configured well and has most the games you could ever want.
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2021.10.16 17:29 Tricky-Attempt266 10 History Facts Far Too Dirty For the Classroom

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2021.10.16 17:29 Puzzleheaded-Head353 Me trying to decide whether im Bi or Pan. In my head:

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2021.10.16 17:29 Salem1690s Would any of the characters have fit into the Roman world?

Going off the premise of another user....
Would any of the guys featured have made a good Consul, or General?
I feel like Carmine could easily have been a Roman Emperor, so could Johnny Sack and even Jackie Sr.
Silvio would be like a Cicero type. Ralphie would actually have risen well in Roman politics and his barbarity and lack of tact might've been tolerated.
Paulie would've been nothing more than your average Roman soldier. The rest would be dregs or peasants of society. Tony might've been at best a merchant, selling Roman patio furniture by the Coliseum.
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2021.10.16 17:29 Shivala92 "Tell me another story, grandpa Greydwarf!"

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2021.10.16 17:29 Pogo333Pika I'm stressed but Netflix <3(Sticker - Gloss, matte and transparent)

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2021.10.16 17:29 Odd_Elderberry_6561 Suchen Toplaner für Clash!

Wir sind ein 4-man Team welches eine Semi-guten- guten Toplaner sucht (Silber-Gold/etc.). Am besten mit Discord.
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2021.10.16 17:29 chompa_lomp Music for reading with Diary of an Oxygen Thief?

No spoilers for the book please, I don't know what genre this book falls under but I picked it up at a bookshop earlier today idk what songs go with it tho?
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2021.10.16 17:29 shanegunnn Them tits

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2021.10.16 17:29 andrejjjj2008 F-keys / Ally portraits.

When we’ll be able to move those F-keys (ally portraits near the map)? Is there any plans to peel them off of the map in future updates?
Now they are practically unusable on an I-pad, for example.
And that’s one of the most important tools on gathering an info during the game.
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2021.10.16 17:29 jesslynlxn A guy and a girl always go out

Hi. May I know what does it mean when a guy and a girl always go out together? Can it be a casual like friends hanging out? Or must be boyfriend and girlfriend hanging out? This question keeps giving me a headache….
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2021.10.16 17:29 LaughingZ Baby slaps

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2021.10.16 17:29 TronCommander The unfairness of crypto life in a nutshell

Had a moment of frustration. But is it not accurate?
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2021.10.16 17:29 UnwantedJason What are you terrified of?

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2021.10.16 17:29 wh1t3crayon V3 Gearbox wiring help

I was doing some work on my ICS SIG 552 Commando, and I snapped off the wiring connector where it meets the gearbox up front. I tried to solder the positive wire directly to the connector, but I think there’s not enough surface area for the current to flow (either that or I shorted something). So if I buy a new trigger assembly, will it come with a new connector piece for the wires? And are all v3 trigger assemblies interchangeable? I know ICS loves proprietary parts…
And if that works, then how do I connect the wires to the gearbox again without soldering?
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2021.10.16 17:29 EncoreBlade PC will turn on randomly. Is this a hackintosh issue/setting?

Like the title says, sometimes my PC will randomly turn itself on. I've had a hackintosh for about 2 years probably and this has happened occasionally, just didn't really have the motivation to ask about it. Could it possibly be a setting in my config?
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2021.10.16 17:29 Midnight_Rider0 I do this shamelessly

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2021.10.16 17:29 Scandalaivan NFT GAMES BANNED FROM STEAM (Telegram chat @metaverseguild)

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2021.10.16 17:29 MonaLisa1992 (MxF FxF) Haunted houses, historical plots, family vibes, and more

Hey there!
I'm Moth, and I'm a late-twenties woman in the United States. Besides hiking, hanging out with my dog, and working in nonprofit, writing is what takes up most of my free time!
What you can expect from me:
- Replies daily
- Advanced lit
- Likes to make boards, playlists, and general inspiration ideas
- Prefer Google Docs, can do other methods if absolutely needed
What I'd like to see from you...
- Long-term- 21 years or older
- Replies at least every 2-3 days
- OOC chatter is great!
- Willing to discuss ideas and communicate what's working and what isn't
- No one-liners, writes with detail
What am I interested in?
Timeline: I love anything from the 1940s to modern day settings.
Relationships: MxF or FxF. Slow burns are great! I can do an established romantic couple depending on the setting. I'd like to get back into playing more female roles, but I play male depending on the plot. I also like platonic, family interactions, groups of friends, etc.
Characters: OCs all the way, I don't play canon.
What's interesting to me lately?
(italics mean I'm super excited for it!)
Family drama - Small town secrets - Found family - A gang of misfits - Adoption/Foster care - Ranch life - Triumphing against the odds - Animals - Character growth - Quirky hometown citizens - Upmarket literary themes - Drastic life changes - Disability awareness - Paranormal - A group of coworkers
Romantic Pairings...
Childhood friends - Enemies to lovers - Coworkers - Bonded in tragedy - Culture differences - married wife/single lesbian - past fling reconnecting - exes reconnecting
Platonic Pairings…
Parent/child - Siblings - Found family - Lost/separated family members getting back in touch - Gruff adult stuck with a child - Gang of rapscallions (Stranger Things vibes)
Plot Ideas...
(These are intentionally open-ended so we can plot on them together.)
(Feel free to suggest plots if they tie in to the interests I listed! I'd love to hear your ideas.)
- Character A returns to their small hometown and runs into Character B, a past ex/loveone night stand. Character B has a child that is as many years old as they've been apart. Character A learns that this child is theirs.
- Family moves into haunted house. Spooky things happen.
- Character(s) running a family's bar and grill after their parent, the owner, passes away suddenly. They must now wrangle the eclectic group of staff to stay afloat.
- A group of women in a workforce in the 1940s-1990s bonds platonically/romantically
- (Would prefer Character A) Character A is a married woman in an unhealthy marriage. Character B is a single lesbian. The two start a close relationship together that leads to romance.
- On the day that Challenger explodes, a character goes missing. Family and friends search for them and uncover dark secrets in their past and in their small town. They face their personal challenges in the wake of the Challenger explosion.
- Any plots surrounding major events from 1940-now and how they affect a group of people (without changing the event or it’s cause) (ex. Let’s not write an rp where the CIA caused the chernobyl incident, an alien shot JFK, etc)
What I don't like...
Heavy fantasy - Medieval - Heavy sci-fi - Shock appeal violence - Killing the dog - Serial killers or stalking behavior
Some movies and shows I like…
(I love taking plots/ideas from these and tying them into an rp with OCs!)
TV shows: Bomb Gir ls, The Crown, Shameless, Derry Gir ls, Man In The High Castle, The Office, Parks and Rec, That 70s Show, This Is Us, The Haunting of Hill House, Stranger Things, Anne With An E, Strange Empire, Call The Midwife, X Files, She-Ra
Movies: Mona Lisa Smile, Tell It To The Bees, The Secret Life of Bees, A Quiet Place, Strange Weather, Pride and Prejudice, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, Nacho Libre, Fried Green Tomatoes, anything with Julia Roberts in it, I Tonya
Books: The Glass Castle, The Poisonwood Bible, The Book of Ruth, Flipped, Rules, The Liars Club, anything by Jeannette Walls, Where The Crawdads Sing
Anything else?
Just ask! I'm totally willing to see what we can build together.​
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2021.10.16 17:29 Ksrain199 Whats the fastest way to farm blue gear?

Just got back to the game after a hiatus and I'm trying to power level as fast as I can so I'm switching between characters. Trying to find out the best way to farm blue drops so I can equal out my gear level on my other characters before continuing to farm more powerfuls.
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2021.10.16 17:29 AdeptnessSpecialist7 eğer geriye dönebilseydim söylerdim

ömer derdim iyi partiliyim diyenleri tut götünden sik
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2021.10.16 17:29 Nelvaan What the hell is wrong with this Horse?

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2021.10.16 17:29 FeedBack-_- NEED PATREON

Can someone help me get patreon videos of Rof tv. Much appreciated.
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2021.10.16 17:29 CBTtv DaBaby goes to DaBalmora

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2021.10.16 17:29 Not_Born_Yesterday21 After a long day at the office plotting world domination, daddy finally arrived home, whipped off his shirt, and joined his doppelganger offspring for a rousing game of "Whose skin is the palest?" Tell me those kids don't look exactly like Putin, especially Eddie (who happens to be my favorite)

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