Sunday Jazz Piano - Piano Classics for Lazy Sundays

2021.12.05 14:40 5DragonsMusic Sunday Jazz Piano - Piano Classics for Lazy Sundays

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2021.12.05 14:40 Jaredml8 Launching Dec 15th! 777 Dope Pandas on the SOL Blockchain.

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2021.12.05 14:40 Kill-Buzzington League table - Matchday 15

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2021.12.05 14:40 Siglave An Idea to get a better overview of your Reddit posts.

To share what I am building, I like to use Reddit because I can select different subreddit related to a project and create a new post every time I make an update.
My issue is that it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to know on which subreddit I need to post next ( you can take a look at my Reddit history here 😅)
The idea would be to create a simple view, with a layout similar to Trello, where each column represents a subreddit with your posts inside it.
Did you encounter the same issue, and if so, what do you think about the idea?
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2021.12.05 14:40 stevethepirate89 The Dude abides

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2021.12.05 14:40 huntersalt24 New/returning Fusion Strike Pulls! Partner and I got 2 build and battle kits to give ago and got these chase cards!

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2021.12.05 14:40 LavaLord345 I present my DnD character, Carlo Mishiëf, the Mimic Warforged! [OC]

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2021.12.05 14:40 donteatjaphet Can you get diseases/health issues from being around/touching dead bodies?

Like relating to decomposition, not viruses they had when they were alive.
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2021.12.05 14:40 poopfaart Exanima - Beta Branch

We've managed to implement quite a few additional arena features that we weren't sure would make it into the first main branch release. These are things that have quite an impact on progression and balance for arena, so we decided to do one last beta update to get your thoughts and feedback early. So yeah, let us know what you think of the changes.

Changelog for version

New company management screen

Interactive daily logs and notifications (double click items)

Daily financials

Increased roster size of special characters

More in future...

New physician hired NPC

New trainer hired NPC

Daily upkeep cost introduced

Match rewards increased by ~50%

You can now do up to 3 matches per day

Combat AI improvements

New pole and one handed sickle weapons

Various UI improvements

Fixed various forfeit exploits

Replaced all practice arena starting weapons with non randomised new weapons

Removed random quality and condition from recruitment weapons

Special matches now persist across sessions

Fixed weapons acquired during eliminations not working correctly

Fixed incorrectly low experience awarded for some new match types

Fixed auto resolve sometimes deciding you won after forfeiting

Numerous small improvements and fixes


The new management screen provides a solution to various problems. We wanted to see results, information and receive notifications, with future special events in mind, without this being intrusive. This will also be extended with more features such a records for your company and possibly further management features.

You can double click most notifications to link directly to the relevant place to take action.


Daily upkeep is now a real thing, with fighters costing more as they rank up and special hires having their own costs. Match prizes have been increased substantially, and over all making money should be a lot easier. There is also a massively increased starting capital.

You can now choose to do from 1 to 3 matches per day. This allows some control over the passage of time versus money earned, and makes low income matches more economically viable. You can also do multiple specials available that day if you like them.


Trainers significantly increase experience earned from matches, and can also independently teach the skill techniques they know to fighters in your roster each day. Note that this only works if your fighters are currently training one of those techniques. Different trainers come a varying amount of different techniques, so choose them carefully.

Physicians significantly increase the rate at which your fighters heal each day. Importantly they can also save fighters who would have been killed in match as long as the injuries aren't so serious that it was impossible.

Thanks and have fun,

Bare Mettle
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2021.12.05 14:40 just_kado SQUID Finance | Presale ended, now live on PCS | Flexible Staking based on tiers | Tokens can be bought in Retail! | SQUIDswap for a Decentralized Exchange

📣PRESALE DONE 600/600 BNB: 1 Month FREE NETFLIX for all Preseale Participants

Launch on Pancakeswap today at 10:00 AM EST, join SquidVerse 🦑

SQUID Rewards you with stuff that you're going to use anyways. #justhodlsquid 🚀

SQUID Multichain Deflationary Rewards Token: $SQUID token was built to give investors greater rewards by increasing the rate of return over time while decreasing the max supply through deflation.

🚀The SQUIDverse NFT+ Marketplace introduces a new way to buy SQUID Tokens, with your Visa/MC! Tokens are redeemed in a 0.7:1USD ratio. EUR & GBP coming soon. The SQUIDverse marketplace also introduces an entirely new concept to physical NFT tethering which will see the creation of a new class of Ultra Rare pNFTs. Tethering token value to physical assets in an extraordinary way.
Whitepaper: pdf

🧬Triplechain Launch: As our community grows we will have 3 separte chain launches during the Milkyway Phase. First on Binance Smart Chain, then Ethereum, followed by Matic. Get exposure to all major De-Fi markets and Bitcoin by #justhodling SQUID Token.

🦑$SQUID [Codename:SpaceQUID] is the governance token of SQUID Finance. We're creating a simple and rewarding new way to invest in DeFi. By leveraging eCommerce, fiat onramping, NFT protocol and crosschain implementation. We're turning transaction volume into Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB giving you exposure to the world of crypto with expert risk management.

Initial Supply: 5 Billion Tokens
Token Burn 3% 🔥
Comet Reinvestment Fund 2%
Holder Rewards 1%
Max supply: 5 Billion
Fair Presale Launch: Launch date is near.
Slippage: 8%

✅Contract Verified: https:// bscscan. com/token/0x1c3c3941acb8a9be35e50f086fae6a481f7d9df7
🔏SolidProof Audit
👤KYC Certificate

Massive Marketing Plan:
Phase 1: Milky Way
YouTubers - CryptoWendy0, BitBoy Crypto, Radies Investing and many more. Yes er are serious about that!
Influencer Marketing (Facebook/IG)
Lists: Watcher, Coinsniper, Freshcoins and 30 more.
CryptoMoonShots & 20 other Subreddits

🖥 Website: https://squidfinance. io
💭 Twitter: squid_finance
🟪 Discord: Mr22ceTg9B

Please also have a look at a few of the published articles. More articles and also interviews will follow
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2021.12.05 14:40 dreamer_at_heart [ENTRY] Nicky Boehme - Merry Christmas, 1000 pieces, SunsOut (my firs go SunsOut!)

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2021.12.05 14:40 Daemon720 Every time I try to trade a select few Pokémon through Pokémon Home, I get a message saying “You can’t trade this Pokémon.”

Every time I try to trade certain Pokémon, it says it can’t be traded. None of these are Mythical or Special Pokémon. I would understand if it was. But one of these Pokémon is an Alakazam. I can’t figure out why this is happening. Does anybody know anything about this? I did transfer these Pokémon from Pokémon Bank if that matters.
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2021.12.05 14:40 mdrobikhan01755

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2021.12.05 14:40 ghost_wybe The ✨creative✨ wall

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2021.12.05 14:40 danblock12 This kid commented on a post saying it was a compliment to be called a killer or some bullshit

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2021.12.05 14:40 rocketknight Vikings = Lame. Miss you Jamaal, moderately miss you Jimmy. XOXO

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2021.12.05 14:40 Oksolo24744 Ich habe viele Ordner mit geilen Schlampen Videos wo die dabei sind : KATJA KRASAVICE, MODEL DIANA, Just Lucy, Nicole, Elisa Aline, Lucy Cat, Celine Of, Fatma BLN, Ash Kash, Viking Barbie, Ramona +20 GB AMI/GERMAN Weiber Mix DROBOX | BEI INTERESSE DM | Kein Tausch! 🍆💧15-20 Euro PAYPAL | Amazone Ca

Ich habe viele Ordner mit geilen Schlampen Videos wo die dabei sind : KATJA KRASAVICE, MODEL DIANA, Just Lucy, Nicole, Elisa Aline, Lucy Cat, Celine Of, Fatma BLN, Ash Kash, Viking Barbie, Ramona +20 GB AMI/GERMAN Weiber Mix DROBOX | BEI INTERESSE DM | Kein Tausch! 🍆💧15-20 Euro PAYPAL | Amazone Ca submitted by Oksolo24744 to GermanNudes_Brm [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 14:40 Kogie13 Can’t add purchased players to SBC’s

Anybody else have this issue? I’m trying to complete the moments duo SBC and I can’t add any players I bought off the transfer market into the SBC. Has been happening with other SBC’s and was wondering if this is a common issue. Thanks
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2021.12.05 14:40 zephyr0930 Debug Map Constructor

Debug Map Constructor Hi,
I have a problem on a map. I have an element of my base which has been deconstructed and which can still be seen (as in the photo). I tried to go creative to see but I can't deconstruct it. Is there a way to debug this?
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2021.12.05 14:40 Mal_lord What th- WHERE AR MY SYNC GRIDS

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2021.12.05 14:40 Doctor_Evil_Was_Here [Homemade] Boston Baked Beans

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2021.12.05 14:40 Humphrey_fan Stranger's cryptic line in Blackspace and a lengthy reason why Sunny will never move on or forget about his bad memories and fears in the Hikikomori route (Hikikomori route spoilers)!

Lots of people believe that Sunny forgets most of his bad memories in Headspace and some of them go even further, suggesting that Sunny will forget about Mari or even Basil if he continues dreaming about Headspace in the hikikomori route. I will debunk this theory and explain how literally the opposite will happen in the hikikomori route.
In the pain area of Blackspace, Stranger says this:
"Did you make the world above to protect this place, or to seal it away? Either way, it's stronger than you now."
Most people probably know this but for those who don't know, "the world above" is headspace and the place below it is black space and the reason for that is because black space represents Sunny's fears and his bad memories and some hints of the truth. Headspace exists to block all of that and make Sunny forget about them.
The line of Stranger here means that every time when Sunny resets the adventures of Omori and his friends, the headspace gets weaker and black space gets stronger.
We can actually find out that what he says here is true in the hikikomori route. After the headspace reset in the hikikomori route in One Day Left, some players may notice that there are some secret entrances leading to the black space in some completely unrelated locations in Headspace. For example, if you go down in the backyard of Sweetheart's castle and go past the vines, you go to a place called the Black Forest, a location in Black Space 2. There is an elevator in Mr.Jawsum's office that leads to the treehouse area in BlackSpace 1. There is one in the Abbys, there is one in the Otherworld and there are also other places like that.
You can also go to all of the areas of Black Space 2 if you defeat the something monsters in One Day Left. You can access the locations through the laptop in White Space. This basically tells us that Black Space isn't hidden anymore. You can access it anytime you want.
Now, yes, a lot of the haunting stuff and the hints about the truth in Black Space 1 is gone and you really need to investigate Black Space 2 in order to see any hints or haunting stuff but the thing is that these areas are really unsettling and represent the fears of Sunny. The haunting and the horrifying stuff in Black Space 2 is way scarier than Black Space 1. Even though most of the hints about the truth are destroyed, the fears will never be able to get destroyed ( by "fears" I mean Anachrophoia, Thalassophobia, HellMari, Mannequin Mari, Something, etc., etc.) and these fears will get more powerful every time Sunny resets Headspace.
So yes, Sunny may never learn the truth in the hikikomori route (even though he learns fragments of it enough to feel guilty about his actions) but these fears will never go away. He may forget about the headspace Mari and Basil, but he will never forget about Stranger or Hell Mari. He will never forget about Something. His bad memories and fears will still remain, even more, powerful than the headspace that he constructed to keep those thoughts away. Ironically, trying to protect Headspace will weaken it even more.
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2021.12.05 14:40 PAZBoy123 All 30 birthday wishes to Mia

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2021.12.05 14:40 Infinite_Ad7323 Do I need orchestration for a Fivetran-dbt stack?

If my stack consists of Fivetran for EL and dbt for T, do I need to use an orchestration tool, like Airflow?
It seems like GitHub Actions would be enough. You can set workflows to run on schedule or upon merging to a particular branch. But maybe I'm missing something about benefits of orchestration.
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2021.12.05 14:40 DavidBWriter Podcasters, many of them millennials, are scooping the press on UFOs

A conversation a week or so ago between Shifting the Paradigm's Cristina Gomez and Australian journalist Ross Coulthart got me to thinking about the state of ufology, journalism, and the role of podcasting in exploring a story the mainstream press is still afraid of. My latest for Trail of the Saucers on Medium, published in front of the paywall. If you share on social media like Twitter or Facebook, be sure to tag some of the big names in journalism to get this issue in front of them.
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