Mod not working?

2021.12.05 13:38 LvlTwoHater Mod not working?

Is calamity not working for some people? Every time I try and load it up it just crashes my tmodloader
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2021.12.05 13:38 Recon_NL The ARGO Astronautics light backpack

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2021.12.05 13:38 Bloodberry525 psst…Dogebonk (DOBO) is rising up the ranks on

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2021.12.05 13:38 ventanasurfboards Shop local today:

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2021.12.05 13:38 Helping435 I no longer understand my best friend

For some context my friend and I are both guys who are 20 years old, and we've known each other since we were 12. Throughout our childhood and teen years we got along just fine but something changed when we got to college and that change has gotten me to the point where I'm trying to salvage our relationship. From what I've noticed he's been getting more depressed and bitter as time goes by. For example I would try to tell him about my life such as updates with dating, and school but it just makes him even more mad. He'll say that I'm bragging or I'm just trying to make him jealous which isn't my intention. After a few more times of him being bitter towards me I just stopped telling him about my life cause I fear I'd make him mad. Eventually, our talks become less frequent as time passes and I start to notice the depression. I ask him what's going on and he spills everything out. It seems that he has trouble with school, anxiety, and his parents. I let him vent out to me and try to give him advice, but when I offered advice he just said that I don't understand him and that no one does. After that I started brain storming ideas on how to help him. I decided that at first I'd just listen to him and avoid giving advice until he ask for it. Eventually he does ask for advice and once again I'm turned down. As of right now it's gotten to the point where he's so angry that he starts to take it out on me. He'll belittle my hobbies, call me an idiot, and just flat out yell at me. So far I've been calm and just try to console him when he gets like that but now the anger is starting to bother me and I'm feeling insulted. My question is: what's the best way to offer him support at this time? For example should I ask him to seek a counselor?
TLDr: My relationship with my best friend is falling apart and I want to know how to save it.
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2021.12.05 13:38 RomarioMax Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife minutes before assassination that would lead to WW1, 1914 [Colorized]

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2021.12.05 13:38 TheBosskingReturns 25 Days of Maya Day 5

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2021.12.05 13:38 IdkGofigure What is the best strategy to sell mid-high ticket products?

I'm used to selling low ticket products that does not require alot of retargeting and i wonder how should i approach high ticket products. What kind of campaigns should i run and for how long. How important is retargeting and based on what should i retarget?
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2021.12.05 13:38 CleanTip2460 My mini-documentary on a condition that didn't have a name until just a few years ago. An issue in which people (myself included) have either a diminished, or complete inability to generate voluntary mental imagery.

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2021.12.05 13:38 Tandizojere “Sad Clown” me, ink on paper, 2021

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2021.12.05 13:38 _DM_ME_YOUR_BOOBS_ People who sort by new, why?

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2021.12.05 13:38 _Juvenile What's the name of this Portuguese song?

Heard this song in Lisbon. Anyone know the name of the song?
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2021.12.05 13:38 dave-tay Inverter throttling 8.5kw system to 4kw?

Inverter throttling 8.5kw system to 4kw? Previously I posted in that I was concerned about the low solar generation I am getting. This is what I averaged for the month of November for an 8.5kw system:
Could the inverter be the reason for the low averages? Here's the specs on the inverter:
It seems from the above specs that the system has a maximum output of 4kw. Is this right?
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2021.12.05 13:38 samuel_lee_1991 Unpopular Opinion: Stop saying shorts didnt cover / close with a BUT

I proposed an idea. Shorts did close their position, BUT this is built on the premise that they RE-OPEN the shorts again soon after (Even if not immediately).
Heres how, say a SHF has managed to borrow 1m shares. To move NBBO which affects price discovery and SHF Algo (The purpose of these algos is to BEAT NBBO by milisec, and one of the counter-measure is IEX), it MUST sell at round lot (Multiple of 100 shares just like 1 contract of option).
1m shares would represent 10,000 bid / ask. At stock price > $1, the difference from the 2 extremes is $100.00.
Just like there are 100 ask for entire $200 ($200.00 - $200.99) with each of them at 100 shares (100 ask * 100 shares per ask = 10k shares). So as a SHF, it needs to have 1m or more shares to set a sell wall of $200 to $299 ($200.00 - $299.99) with each ask at 100 shares.
Of course, SHF would want to set up a thicker wall at certain points for max pain or protect being margin called purpose. This is when certain asking price will have 300, 500 or even 1000, 3000 shares on ask but the SHF risk unable to short it at (slightly) higher level.
So what would be the best way to use this 1m shares? Short ladder.
The Short ladder aka wash sale can happen by having 2 sets of algo (and entity) to play the good cop bad cop role. One short first, and the other buy back. Repeat the process with role swapped.
The best thing for shorts is that they make money (Realized gains from declining price) out of this wash sales which is FURTHER USED TO SHORT again.
I.e. At the same margin requirement, a 10% gain from short trade would means that it is dipping 10%. Originally the short can only short 1m shares is now able to short 1.1m shares AS LONG AS they can locate the 100k shares.
I am not looking into MM role as it is not clear. But the above proposition works for SHF and day traders.
With this idea, the ratio of shares sold short is irrelevant. The missing piece of info to make this info useful is who are the buyers? If the majority of these buys are actually the other "good cop", then the number of net short volume remains the same.
Limitations of this trick? Apes buying at the same time to break the wash sale trick (Lit Exchange cannot appoint who is the buyer / seller. All are placed in a queue with HFT infra having a home ground advantage). But this trick only works when apes buy in round lot (Does NOT work by accumulate 100 shares over days, weeks, months or years) which is very difficult at current price.
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2021.12.05 13:38 ethan829 Scott Manley on Twitter: "Something for the tree thanks to @Astra"

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2021.12.05 13:38 Puzzled_Substance_48 Waiting for my BNB to come through so I can buy the dip...

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2021.12.05 13:38 BJntheRV TIL Kennesaw, Georgia has mandatory gun-possession ordinance requiring all households in Kennesaw to have a gun, with certain exceptions

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2021.12.05 13:38 New_Jacket_26 Here is a post of an article that analyzes the Allyn Walker's controversy at ODU from a child sexual abuse prevention perspective. The article is written by Elizabeth Letourneau, a researcher in the prevention of child sexual abuse, and Luke Malone, an award-winning journalist about sex offending.

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2021.12.05 13:38 realPacManVN sub this reversal r/ihadastroke

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2021.12.05 13:38 Fonfu Starting new on Illy

Hello, I am currently a lvl 3 huppermage and I would love to make some new friends on Illyzaelle? If there's a vibrant English speaking community I'd love to stay on this server. Anyway, I'm trynna make new friends who like a challange here (i love achievement hunting) so add me in game (also if ure a guild that's nice) : Qstefyy : )
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2021.12.05 13:38 ResponsibleCandle829 What are some things you hate about your birthday?

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2021.12.05 13:38 spikenigma What ONE thing could happen in your favorite franchises to make you rage quit?

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2021.12.05 13:38 Xxkityx Say hey 👋🤩

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2021.12.05 13:38 superharry24 Pokémon Insurgence sync pairs part 16: London and Reuniclus

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2021.12.05 13:38 headlessplatter An argument that intelligent design is not really very different from evolution

A common approach to arguing against evolution is:

(1) Observe complexity or synergy in living things.
(2) Express incredulity that a process that relies on random mutations could lead to that.
(3) Propose that an intelligent designer is a better explanation.

The usual response is to try to explain how natural selection works. Unfortunately, people who make this argument are rarely interested in understanding how natural selection works. So I'd like to try a different approach. Instead of scrutinizing evolution, let's try scrutinizing intelligence, and see how this plays out:

When I design things, it seems as if relevant ideas just appear in my minds. Why does this happen? I am aware of two candidate explanations:

(A) The ideas came from a subconscious region of my mind.
(B) The ideas came from a supernatural dual (such as a spirit).

First, let's examine explanation (A). A greatly simplified explanation of how the subconscious mind is believed to find relevant ideas would look something like this:

(A1) Over my lifetime of experiences, my subconscious mind has constructed an internal model of my environment. For example, you might imagine dropping a rock. What will happen? You understand it will fall to the ground. You have just demonstrated that your mind has a model of your environment, and it uses it to simulate possibilities that have not yet occurred. That's what minds do.
(A2) When I want to design something, my subconscious mind explores many candidate design permutations.
(A3) My subconscious mind evaluates each candidate design using its internal model of my environment.
(A4) When my subconscious mind finds a design that seems effective--one that has desirable behavior in your mental simulation of reality--it forwards this design to my conscious mind for further scrutiny. (This is when the relevant idea pops into my conscious awareness.)

Okay, next let us examine explanation (B). How do spirits operate? Well, the scriptures are rather scant on details, but I was taught that the spiritual realm must operate according to some system of principles or laws. So I have total flexibility to imagine any set of physical laws that I want. Yet, even with this extreme flexibility, every mechanism I can imagine still resembles the process I described for (A). And, as far as I am aware, no other candidate mechanism has ever been proposed. Can you imagine any mechanism that is substantially different? I'll bet you cannot. Therefore, even if designs are made in a spiritual realm, they are probably produced by the same process of exploring candidate permutations of designs.

Thus, we observe intelligence also relies on random mutations to find effective designs!

As we look even closer, it can be observed that process (A) very closely resembles natural selection. The primary difference is that the subconscious mind uses a model of the world to select good designs, whereas natural selection leverages the real world itself to select them. To put it another way, brains are just evolution simulators that evolved because it made us more "fit" if we could explore possibilities without having to wait for the slow progress of Darwinian evolution! Yet, these evolution simulators must use a crude approximation of reality to evaluate their mutations. Considering this, isn't it surprising that some people tend to imagine intelligence will arrive at a superior design to one that has been refined against the real world?

Admittedly, if the designer's brain were sufficiently large, he could explore more candidate designs in parallel. So at some level of intelligence, his ability to find good designs would exceed that of natural evolution. However, a similar benefit can be given to evolution if we allow the populations to be arbitrarily large, or if we allow it to operate over a sufficiently long duration of time. Interestingly, the more I allow myself to examine alternate explanations, the more I come to the conclusion that there is ultimately only one explanation.
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