Music problem about "March of the Defenders"

2021.11.29 08:16 LIANHHHHHH Music problem about "March of the Defenders"

Hi, everyone, since I'm not familiar with Russian, and I'm interested in this song.
I searched wiki in my own language and found that Рубеж наш назначен Вождем used to be part of the song at the first part, but replaced by За нами родимый наш дом.
I can not distinguish them, so I wonder the lyrics of the music of Paradox's version?
If someone can provide me a translation about the lyrics of the music in NSB DLC, (just in English), I would be grateful!
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2021.11.29 08:16 Mad_Lux00 Translation: Splash in my ass

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2021.11.29 08:16 Eldad-Elisi Clonazepam vs Lorazepam

What do you guys think? Lorazepam feels more potent that people say it is imo It’s really strong for my anxiety but it wears out fast… Clonazepam on the other hand is really really calming and relaxing, also it’s effects are way longer for me but the hit and relief isn’t as fast and as hard hitting
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2021.11.29 08:16 Available_Rub3991 he he shorty badger

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2021.11.29 08:16 ThatDudeYallKnow ✅$8 entry fee. (26,000vids, 200+ mega links in chat). Telegram user is @WokenDemon ,hit me on there if account is removed. ⭐️🙌🏿BEST GROUPCHAT🙌🏿⭐️ONLY HMU PAYMENT READY

✅$8 entry fee. (26,000vids, 200+ mega links in chat). Telegram user is @WokenDemon ,hit me on there if account is removed. ⭐️🙌🏿BEST GROUPCHAT🙌🏿⭐️ONLY HMU PAYMENT READY submitted by ThatDudeYallKnow to Dopechick69of [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 08:16 AffectionateLab7997 Leaked: Sony files patent for a Playstation Controller which looks designed for mobile gaming!!!!

The gaming controller seems to have two grips for both of the hands with the standard button layout of the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4. In the middle, there will be a design made specifically to fit a mobile device. The user might be able to change the screen’s viewing angle too as per their liking. With two analogs at the bottom, a D-pad, four, and other 8 iconic buttons, the look will not be different from their traditional controllers. Read more here
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2021.11.29 08:16 Maldek999 $35 bonus + 5% back from CakeDefi for $25+ deposit (Ends December 3, 2021)

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2021.11.29 08:16 Idontreallyknowbish Why?

Guys, I think I am a positive person with positive outlook on life, I love myself and I have worked on some of my limiting beliefs. There's one thing that's not clear to me is. We all know the one - "we attract what we are". Why do I keep attracting people with depression, anxiety, aggressive behavior, fucked up childhood, stoners, even psychopaths? I may sound like I have prejudices about some of the things I've mentioned but I would really love to meet someone positive who is emotionally and mentally stable.
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2021.11.29 08:16 aplhaasf How much of a difference does a bad review make?

Yes I’m sure that it’ll drive some guests away that xyz person didn’t have a good stay. But for instance yesterday a guest was caught feeding the dogs in the premium crockery bowls that we have kept for guests only. My mom really went all the way yelling at the dude and I’m pretty sure he was quite embarrassed after that experience since his friends were also present there. I apologised to the guest for how mom overreacted. My mom was just not having a good day, or a even a week for that matter of fact and shit like this can happen. So should really be at the mercy of my guest and desperately try to avoid that one bad review? Just want to know is it worth it?
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2021.11.29 08:16 nf_highlights Brandon Clarke 15 PTS 6 REB: All Possessions (2021-11-28)

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2021.11.29 08:16 l1v34ndl34rn All the money in the world

There is upwards of 1.3 quadrillion dollars in the world. Bitcoin cap is about 1 trillion. I think it has room to grow.
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2021.11.29 08:16 beiwulf9999 US news and ranking premium account

Hello everyone, I need help shortlisting universities for MS thesis based option for chemical engineering.
A lot of top schools have only PhD and a few others have professional masters. The ones who do have ms thesis based don't have research going on in my research interests.
Can anyone share their us news and ranking premium account just for one day, I'm really broke and can't afford the full price. Even if someone is willing to split the price I am down for that too
Any help will be appreciated.
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2021.11.29 08:16 lllanbulll New to reddit just need some advice

context: i’ve dated 3 girls. each lasting around 2 years, never been a player or a hookup guy. the first was as a freshman/ soph, the next as a junio senior, and finally one out of HS. i am 20 for context. just 2 months ago i broke up with my most recent lady, she was great. when i say i broke up i mean she dumped me, it wasn’t working for her like it was for me and that’s okay, what’s not okay is most of the relationship i still thought about my second love. not in a way as oh i wish i had her instead of the lady i’m with now, more like we had more memorable times/ memories together. my most recent lady was great like i said , we had the most healthy sex life ever, and things were great, but i still thought about my previous girl from time to time, again not in a way of “i wish i was with her” just kinda cherishing those more enjoyable memories we had years ago. i don’t have to say it now obviously but i really wish i made those memories w my most recent, i really think it would of made things better in the long run. just goes to say sex live isn’t everything. long story short i am now non stop thinking about how i let these not one, but two magnificent women walk away from me. how do you move on easily? i still think about my ex from 4 years ago, i don’t really think i ever learned to cope or move on, more so to suppress the feelings. i guess if i could ask for one thing it’s how to forget the feelings you had for someone without forgetting them entirely/ the memories you shared ?
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2021.11.29 08:16 Felipe_Tacone First word that crossed your mind [f]

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2021.11.29 08:16 kakkoimonogatari Bongbong Marcos’ conviction in tax case not a crime involving moral turpitude — lawyer

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2021.11.29 08:16 nf_highlights Killian Tillie : All Possessions (2021-11-28)

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2021.11.29 08:16 Vector83 Diferente intre centrele de rezidentiat MD

Salut! Urmeaza la anul sa sustin examenul de rezidentiat pe stoma si sunt curios de diferitele centre din tara. As vrea sa stiu daca sunt colegi pe grup cum se desfasoara rezidentiatul in centrul vostru. Care e programul propriu-zis, cat de mult sunteti implicati, cat interes au cadrele didactice etc. Eu sunt la UMFCD dar sincer as opta pentru alt centru din cauza dezinteresului si nepasarii profesorilor de aici, de care am auzit ca sunt la fel si la rezidentiat. Va multumesc mult, astept parerile voastre!
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2021.11.29 08:16 iniquityqtx Best vanguard setup ?

Looking for a vanguard set up since my maxed out medic was wiped coming to aftermath also does it matter what guns you use with each class or how does that really all work tbh?
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2021.11.29 08:16 SalmanBinAshraf Want to know more about Christianity

Peace be upon you all . I'm interested in the whole religion thing. I want to know about Christianity. I saw that there are many versions of the Bible. Which version of bible should i read for better understanding about Christianity overall? How to read and how many section in Christianity?
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2021.11.29 08:16 nf_highlights Santi Aldama : All Possessions (2021-11-28)

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2021.11.29 08:16 drewiepoodle A small-town mom wanted to help her community. And then the community took aim at her child

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2021.11.29 08:16 SummerPop 'one nine sierra, where is your sunray?' 'There! My Sunray over there!'

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2021.11.29 08:16 TheSmallGate Vegan poor man's feast

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2021.11.29 08:16 nf_highlights Jarrett Culver : All Possessions (2021-11-28)

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2021.11.29 08:16 assagitaz Nikulcha - Ivory (Extended Mix) [Sekora]

Publisher: Sekora
Out Date: 2021-11-26
Quality: MP3 12.63 Mb / AIFF 55.59 Mb
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Nikulcha - Ivory (Extended Mix) / (Key Am, BPM 123, Length 5:15)​
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