The tragedy of STR SSJB Goku

2021.12.05 15:09 UIGokuLR The tragedy of STR SSJB Goku

This Goku uses UI Goku medals to awaken, despite being from the Zamasu arc, but still isn't on the USS category or Rep of Uni 7 categories.
This STR SSB Goku is someone lost between sagas and by extension is a card who can only exist in reference to others.
This STR SSB Goku's identity only comes from which sagas he isn't part of – without a wider frame of reference he is nothing.
He is not his own man. He doesn't belong anywhere.
In a world where our identities are shaped by our warped relationships to brands and commerce, in a way, we are all STR SSB Goku.
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2021.12.05 15:09 NicGreen214 Paul with Linda and their daughter

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2021.12.05 15:09 JulyAitee Steph is 23 3-pointers away from Ray Allen's record...

& I just have this feeling that he's going to eclipse that number during these next two games. We all want it to happen on our home court & 30 will manifest it into reality.
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2021.12.05 15:09 justus4_20 A saw I made

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2021.12.05 15:09 Buff_Bagwell_4real Who are some of your favorite underrated actors, and what are some dream roles you'd love to see them in?

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2021.12.05 15:09 mlep1 Pure Play Urban Air Mobility Company Stocks Lost Over $16 Billion In 2021

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2021.12.05 15:09 Aggravating_Diet_704 Random supplement success

I’m having consistent success with the following morning medication/supplement routine:
Wake up + water only + adderall xr (been on it for years and this wasn’t working alone)
Take a shower (get the adderall digested but don’t eat or drink anything else)
Drink a protein shake that’s low in carbs and sugar (I like kola coca ones from whole Foods) and more water
After shower drink an alani nu energy drink or preworkout. THIS IS THE MAIN THING. this drink has the perfect blend of L-Theanine and caffeine where I actually feel like I can function
I am adamant about this specific routine bc I realized my adderall doesn’t work or absorb well unless I take it on an empty stomach and then drink a protein shake at breakfast
It’s not 100% improvement but it’s about a 50% improvement and it’s consistent. It’s nice to have something with specific directions that you know you can rely on to make you feel better regardless of anything as long as you do this.
I hope it helps
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2021.12.05 15:09 drama_hunter The gorgeous cat at my school's canteen.

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2021.12.05 15:09 yromastyx Coral polyp (0,5cm each) closeup - A6500 + sony 90mm + ys-01

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2021.12.05 15:09 hautwings Will my order cancel on it's own?

To make a long story short, I had some trouble with ordering phones. They are on hold and says that I should fix before Dec 4th. It's now Dec 5th and it still shows the same message. Should the order drop in it's own (if so, when?) or will I have to call to cancel. I want to move away from Verizon ASAP and need this order to be dropped.
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2021.12.05 15:09 askjunie all they had 😤

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2021.12.05 15:09 MentallyIllJasper Mfers who lie about their music taste to girls so they can get laid <<<<<

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2021.12.05 15:09 Deer6756 A very small minority

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2021.12.05 15:09 BroadClue2572 YouTube Promotion and Services {4000 Watch Hour &1K Sub}

Hello everyone I'm Akir from we are a crew specialist in Youtube marketing we can help you reach the Youtube requirements {4K Watch hour & 1K Sub} fast through our multiple social media accounts and more please contact us on live chat for fast reply
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2021.12.05 15:09 Legolas523 An🤢me

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2021.12.05 15:09 International_Law_70 I shat on someone's dick, how to recover?

Soooo this is obviously extremely embarrassing and humiliating, but I shat on this guy's dick. It's only my second time really having sex, but I thought I knew my body quite well and my bowel movements tend to be clean, regular and predictable. I also didn't eat anything for at least 16 hours before the hookup and douched about 2 hours before. But I shat on his dick, and I don't know how I will ever be able to have sex again and recover from this. Like how am I ever supposed to enjoy sex without fearing the worst? If anyone has advice I'd really appreciate it.
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2021.12.05 15:09 NachozRule Every Celebrity Cameo in the Phineas and Ferb parody musical

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2021.12.05 15:09 GenericUsernameBoyo How are people making their NFT art look like this?

I am new to this space and have been making some 3D NFTs on blender but I want to know how people are making NFTs that have this look to them? It’s like a similar vibe/feeling. A different colored background, their main character is in the exact same space but just subtle changes on each NFT. Are they making it on procreate? Blender 2D? I’m not sure how else to word it but I have an idea I want to start using a similar “feel” or look. examples
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2021.12.05 15:09 Tenacious_Jey Harley Cameron (Danni Elle)

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2021.12.05 15:09 trix2705 LPT: Wrap your Christmas tree lights neatly away this year, thank yourself next year.

This has been of great help to me when unboxing the Christmas tree lights, which can usually get extremely tangled and thrown into the box in a rage, you can for example arrange the lights (if they have clips) along a cardboard piece and easily unwrap them as you go next year.
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2021.12.05 15:09 CIamsCasino Very happy to have this lad in my collection ㄷ^:

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2021.12.05 15:09 jakaylah does anyone have a lava lamp i can buy?

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2021.12.05 15:09 southnoon "Do I really need to watch that clip for the 1 millionth time?" My monke brain: yes

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2021.12.05 15:09 Living_Tip5886 5 coolest kitchen gadgets in 2021

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2021.12.05 15:09 cofflebooty [H] $200 AIRBNB [W] 90% Paypal or Cashapp

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