Creature Biography: Pilgridge

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Creature Biography: Pilgridge An illustration of a Pilgridge in outer space
Name: Pilgridge
Physical Appearance: Fuzzy, spiky and matted fur on top of head and around the whole body.
Fur is especially full around the top of the head.
Very floaty.
Weigh very little.
Big, sharp pointy noses.
Big feet.
Big hands that can also get sticky.
Very sharp eyes with bags underneath.
Long arms.
Long ears pointed downwards.
Baggy fur around the body.
Baggy fur around legs.
Very small mouths.
Their average height is around 5ft 5
Physical Capabilities: Can swim in water and through outer space with ease because of feet and lack of weight.
Can breathe in outer space.
Can climb difficult places really well because of sticky hands.
Can see places from really far away.
Can see the past journeys of other Pilgridges due to their psychic link with each other.
Can sense the emotions of others, and are good at comforting one another.
Do not require much sleep due to their nomadic nature.
Are very good map drawers.
Are very good map readers.
Are very crafty and can build a little spacecraft for themselves if they see that the voyage will be dangerous.
Can travel outside of their universe, and to other universes.
Diet: Cosmic fruits and greens which can be found all over the cosmos and it doesn’t really matter which world they are from.
Smaller animals.
Reproduction: Male and Female must mate, with the male’s sperm having to enter the female’s egg. After two days, the egg develops a shell and grows, then the female vomits it out of her mouth which expands during this process.
The baby finally hatches out of the egg after two whole weeks.
Pilgridges usually have children so that they can go exploring too, and find new areas of the world that have yet to be seen.
While the egg is out of the female and hatching, they will take the egg with them while they are exploring whichever world they are on.
The females are usually very happy to bring new life into the universe.
Once the kids are born, the parents usually just leave whatever location they are at, taking the kid with them, and basically just teach their kid by taking them with them on their own journeys.
After about two or three excursions, the kid starts to become independent and mature enough to journey on its own.
After this usually, the mom and dad split up into their own individual adventures, hoping to run into each other again sometime soon, or sometimes they stay travelling together.
The kids also hope to see their parents again when going on their first exploration alone.
On some occasions though, the child decides to stick with one of its parents.
Weakness: They hate confined spaces because there is no new area to explore, they are just stuck in one place.
When stuck in one place like this, Pilgridges can actually become depressed and die of boredom.
They can be easy prey if not careful.
Habits: Pilgridges like to explore their environment as they are naturally curious creatures.
They just naturally like to move around.
When they have explored their current vicinity, they go beyond, to other places which they have not seen.
Due to this, they live their whole lives journeying from one world to another, and another, and another.
They travel through outer space to go to discover planets and realms which they have never been to.
Once they reach a planet/realm, they explore it in depth.
Once they get bored with whatever world they are on, they go back to outer space in search of a new one.
Pilgridges also have a habit of keeping track of which directions they went during their ventures into the unknown, just in case they want to back track or return somewhere.
Many Pilgridge corpses have actually been found holding onto their maps that they drew when they were alive.
Pilgridges all have a psychic link with each other across universes and space time, which gives their eyes the ability to see other Pilgridges past journeys, which they then sometimes follow.
This is essentially how Pilgridges share their travels and discoveries with one another.
This is also another way in which they learn, by seeing the mistakes of a past Pilgridge during their trek.
Pilgridges generally like to travel alone, but don’t mind when another decides to follow them.
Male and female Pilgridges usually end up mating because of a long journey they had together.
It is usually right after these journeys together that they end up mating.
When following the path of a past Pilgridge, since they can see from afar, if they see danger(predators, traps, etc.), they will build a little spacecraft for themself and travel in that so as to be safe.
On some occasions, they travel in huge groups.
Male and female Pilgridges both have the desire to be free and explore.
Pilgridges usually swim by swinging their feet back and forth continuously.
Sometimes, they also use their arms to assist them in swimming.
The nature of their feet and hands make it super easy for them to swim around outer space and anywhere with ease.
They are also able to easily evade predators that aren’t good swimmers.
When near one another, they can sense each other's emotions, and when a Pilgridge is upset, others nearby usually come and sit next to it and start petting it, to comfort it.
Petting or rubbing the fur is a good way to comfort a Pilgridge.
They like their fur matted and spiky because it helps keep them warm.
Habitat: Due to their nomadic nature, their main habitats are usually places that connect areas together, like outer space, or the ocean.
When they do sleep, they usually sleep on floating asteroids, and if on a world, then they will make a small shelter for themselves and sleep there.
Purpose: Pilgridges are usually the ones that discover every undiscovered place in the cosmos.
If they go to a place that is hard to enter because of maybe a blocked path, they will clear that path.
This makes it easy for other species to enter these places.
When other races want to discover a new place because maybe they want a new home, if they see a Pilgridge nearby, they usually would follow it, so that it can uncover a new place which they can then call home.
Pilgridges don’t mind this as they are very friendly, even to other creatures, only showing hostility when attacked, or hunting a smaller animal for food.
Due to their friendly nature, other creatures have no problem following behind them, to possibly make a home on whatever world they stumble upon.
Pilgridges are basically the location scouters for the ecosystem.
Lifespan: 100 years
They live for this long so that they can go on long adventures.
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So I grew up Baptist, and I'm trying to find a new spirituality to follow. I've never done a religion like this where there isn't a right way to practice. So I guess, what does it mean to be norse pagan to you? How did you come to be where you are? I think it would help me to decide what to start with first ^
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2022.01.17 18:38 vsthekingdom Kicking & Screaming: Scream 5

I'm glad that people are enjoying this movie, both old and new moviegoers, and that Scream 5 is enjoying success; well, as much success as an R-rated slasher franchise's 5th outing in a theatrical run during a pandemic can enjoy. It's not "terrible", and while there were moments that made me smile (Dewey's Theme!), I was thoroughly unimpressed by the time end credits hit. I rate this entry below all other Scream films.
The opening: An intentional retread of the first film, minus jiffy pop or a disemboweled boyfriend in the backyard. I would be okay with it if this rehash was done to subvert audience expectations, or if it offered its own clever twist on it, but it...didn't. It didn't take chances or set the table. It was rather boring and dull for an opening statement, especially when compared to what past films had achieved. And no one died.
Dewey's death: I hear a lot of people say that this movie had "stakes", which I'm assuming is in reference to the killing of a legacy character, Dewey. Its true that Dewey got his ass kicked early and often in Scream movies, as he has been sneak attacked repeatedly in the films; taking a knife to the back in 1, stabbed again in the back and presumed dead until the end of 2, got knocked out but was spared a killing blow in 3, and took several hits to the noggin in 4. This is getting into nitpicky internet nerd fandom here, but I don't believe he would have stepped within arms length of the downed Ghostface before making the killing blow. I would have rather Dewey been outsmarted, or at least had more of a struggle that resulted in his death, instead of what we were given. It was unceremonial, when a lot of the new blood put up more of a struggle on-screen, than what Dewey was afforded. And to be killed by derivative Ghostface LARPers, was even more insulting to me as a Scream fan. His death had an obvious emotional reaction for me because while it was a loss, it was hard to stomach as it was not earned.
Legacy Characters: It made sense WHY the trinity was there, but the outcome was less than satisfying to me. Dewey lived in Woodsboro for christ's sake; it was plausible he could become a target and it only made sense to collaborate with these kids, as he had some sense of self-preservation. Gail was a news anchor. I thought Sidney would be a tougher sell for me but it wasn't; Sidney had a family, a family that she wanted to protect, and their safety wasn't served by having more Ghostfaces in the world, so it was time for her to lace up, and she brought not one, but two guns! Dewey had some screentime, but Gail and Sidney just kinda show up at the end, spout some one-liners, and get hurt a little. One part of me likes that the trinity were self-aware cynics and did everything but wink at the camera, but everyone was jumping in on the fun, so them being jaded didn't bite as hard as I think it could, or should, have. The new characters didn't get enough time to establish themselves, while Sidney and Gail were shoehorned in for the third act. I understand its a tightrope between a "nostalgia farm" in today's world of sequels, reboots, "requels" while building something of your own, and Scream 5 certainly isn't alone at failing in this endeavor.
Other Deaths: The violence in this film was convincing. Victims were repeatedly stabbed and there was a lot of blood. But the death sequences weren't creative. Vince takes a knife outside the bar. We get the overly-long Wes Hicks sequence with multiple fake-outs (why call Judy Hicks on the road? It would have been equally as effective to kill Judy once she discovered her dead son in the house. Why make the police aware of your presence at the house, at all?). I haven't counted but I'm going to make an assumption and say that half of the victims here SURVIVE by film's end. Tara, Sam, Chad, Mindy, Gail, Sidney..super sloppy for people motivated to do as much carnage as possible!
Killers: Yikes. This needed a little bit more time in the oven, no? The killer unmasking, and their motivations why, are a staple to the franchise. I felt that most of Scream 4 was uninspired, until we got to both the surprising AND excellent killer reveal and third act, which redeems the film, in my eyes. Homicidal psychopath Stab superfans that want their deeds to inspire further art...but for me, it felt largely hollow and unconnected to the plans of former killers. The other killers had tangible outcomes that they wanted following their murders; Billy's rage and vengeance against Maureen Prescott and her family, Mickey's trial and the discussion of culture's impact on society, Mrs Loomis' retribution for Billy's death, Roman's Captain Ahab hard-on against Maureen and Sidney for living "his" life, Charlie's infatuation for Jill, Jill's desire for fame...its not entirely guaranteed that Richie & Amber's rampage will result in another Stab movie, let alone one that meets their purity threshold. It could very well result in another lazy cash grab Stab sequel, no? I would have liked a bit more exposition surrounding this. The result instead is Richie & Amber ultimately being Ghostface LARPers to be Ghostface LARPers, which makes me have an out-of-body cringe experience.

What I Liked: Dewey's Theme! Neve Campbell looking like a SNACK, and looks better here than she ever has on screen, IMHO. The Rian Johnson-helmed Stab movie (full disclosure: I hated The Last Jedi) with a gold-plated Ghostface mask and flamethrower.
What I Would Like to See: Bring Stu back. I'm sure Randy would agree that there is always some bullshit reason to bring a killer back, especially one that has never definitively died on screen. It would be odd for Stu to be languishing in prison all this time and not having been referenced ever, so faked death scenario, it is. Maybe his parents paid off the medical examiner to forge a death certificate? I've read things over the years that prior Scream movie drafts had considered a Stu return, but its never materialized for one reason or another. Make one final hurrah for Sidney & Gail, craft a somewhat convincing return and explanation for Stu's re-emergence, be it his own or manipulation by another party, whatever. I'm down for the contrivance, especially if we are now wading into killer cosplay territory for these movies, I'd rather see Stu instead.
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I can go to ap stat or ap calc. Dont really know which one to take. not sure how colleges look at it etc
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