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Up for a good scrubbing? 局

2022.01.17 19:25 feetarousal Up for a good scrubbing? 局

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2022.01.17 19:25 piko349 Nothing is working in my laptop

Nothing is working in my laptop
So yesterday i was trying some stuff and i unchecked Read-Only option from my Users file but i checked it back after(i dont know if this if the reason of the problem or not)
Today i turned on my laptop and i cant do anything search bar isnt working I cant open apps i can open file explorer but when i click on any folder inside the Users file like Desktop or Documents my computer freezes
Any idea how to fix this?
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2022.01.17 19:25 KyrenReturns Images Of The Stadium In The Backrooms

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2022.01.17 19:25 js6seaj47 Inversion?!

Inversion?! I'm fairly sure this was because of the inversion this morning, but talk about poor visibility and probably bad for your lungs.
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2022.01.17 19:25 Jsran14 Can you check my brakes?

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2022.01.17 19:25 Wannacum1982

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2022.01.17 19:25 poddan My wife is turning our first house into a Jungalo, and I couldn't be happier

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2022.01.17 19:25 BigCookie00 Several troubles on focusing and learning. I feel lost

(I'm sorry in advance for any grammatical or syntactical error, english is not my main language)
Hello everyone. I am 17 and I always wanted to try learn programming since I was like 12. To make it short, it didn't go well; my "modus operandi" is bad under nearly every point of view. My habit has always been to spend time on time only choosing the way or the thing in particular to learn. To make myself more clear, I spent a lot of time reading about the different languages existing trying to choose one that convinced me and watching video here and there, without learning anything in the end. So, after several years, I had not conluded anything. I started (or at least tried) to be more serious last year; I bought a Unity course after getting interested in game development, but gave it up soon (I started finding it boring and thinking about alternative options to try). I ended up discovering cs50x, and started watching some lectures. As far as I've come it is a really great and well designed course, carried by a passionated teacher, and I am sure it will be the same for the other lectures. Nevertheless I gave up on lecture 4 ( I do not even remember why). Everything above happened approximately during spring; during summer I decided to try again, but I ended up with the same result. Then, for several months, I didnt care about it anymore, until something popped up in my mind and I decided to try another time. And here I am, currently trying to do it. The main reason I writed this is to expose why I think I can't make it past this point. I found some sort of recurring bad habitudes and way to think into my mindset: first of all, I cannot really focus, I struggle to sit down and watch those damn lectures without getting distracted, and second thing, problem sets are hard (but don't misunderstand, this is not a bad thing, they're like a challenge, I just find hard to fully understand all the text that explains the problem and set things up). It also looks out of question for me to watch lectures again. With this said, I can conclude that every thing that led me here is closely related to my procrastination and to my focus troubles. I would just like to get into the world of computer science and get past the beginner zone once for all, but at this point I don't know If I'm not made for this (even being a realtively logical person) or I am just doing something wrong, like looking in the wrong direction (probably long lectures play their part in this, too). Hope someone will have some advices to give to me, thanks in advance.
Thank you (really) if you have read down to here :)
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2022.01.17 19:25 TKuserReddit New to milsim/airsoft. Arent all m4 mags winding? What am I missing. For IH4

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2022.01.17 19:25 drballoonknot Recipes for milled (BUT NOT SPENT) grains?

I have some grain that I milled but can't use so I'm looking for something to make with it. There are a ton of spent grain recipes/projects (dog biscuits, etc.) but I was wondering if anyone has a recipe for what to do w/ milled grain besides using it to brew.
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2022.01.17 19:25 Original_Squirrel_51 Solder/fix hotswap PCB

So I recently picked up an NextTime75 but the T letter doesnt work and Ive tried different switches and different PCs. Still doesnt work so Im guessing its a PCB issue as the rgb doesnt respond on it. My neighbour is good at soldering so what should I tell him needs to be done. He fixes radios and stuff like that no keyboards. I also want to learn so what could I do myself to fix it?
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2022.01.17 19:25 Soulless32 CDPR, Buff Henselt to 12 provisions!!!

I don't play him, I just realized my DOUBLE DRAUG deck with Land of a Thousand Fables has a 50 percent chance of turning Amphibias Assault into Henselt instead.
This is an absolute travesty! CDPR please buff Henselt!!
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2022.01.17 19:25 chillpoolparty 2022 WA Legislative Session - Week 2 Status and URGENT Help Needed (Part 1)

Most important info first: The magazine ban bill, banning standard capacity magazines, is scheduled for vote on the Senate floor this week. We need all hands on deck, ASAP, to write/call your Senators in opposition. Scroll past the Week 2 Summary for more info.
Welcome to another in a series of threads discussing the 2A-relevant bills being discussed during this year's Washington state legislative session, which runs from 1/10 to 3/10. Previous threads are linked here, here, and here. In these threads we will be providing an overview of the bills and how to take actions against the bad ones.
Week 2 Summary (Part 1)
Normally I'd post this update later in the week, but we have urgent help needed so I'll be posting a Part 2 later in the week. This morning (1/17) two concerning bills were heard in the Senate Law & Justice Committee meeting. Metrics showed CONs on these bills blew PROs out of the water, and we had articulate and compelling testimony on our side as well. Testimony counts were as follows:
Bill Count of CON Count of PRO
SB 5217 4371 363
SB 5568 2847 382
If you were not able to provide testimony to the committee, you can still take action. For now, you can comment on these bills and have comments sent to your representatives:

These bills will almost certainly progress further in the legislative process despite the overwhelming opposition to them. It is critical we stay vocal and make these bills even more unpalatable for the legislators considering them.
As stated earlier, the legislature will likely make more moves later this week, but we do not have time to wait on the below action items. Any floor votes or actions by the committees will be captured in an additional post later this week. This leads us to our critical action items.
Week 2 URGENT Help Needed
SB 5078, banning standard capacity magazines, is scheduled for a floor vote in the Senate this week. We need you to voice your opposition to your Senator immediately. We especially folks in weak Democrat/swing districts to speak up.
A list of legislators we are focusing on is as follows:
Senator Legislative District Email Phone
Kevin Van de Wege (D) 24 Kevin.VanDeWege@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7646
Steve Conway (D) 29 Steve.Conway@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7656
Mark Mullet (D) 5 Mark.Mullet@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7608
John Lovick (D) 44 John.Lovick@leg.wa.gov 253-275-1405
Annette Cleveland (D) 49 Annette.Cleveland@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7696
Emily Randall (D) 26 Emily.Randall@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7650
Mona Das (D) 47 Mona.Das@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7692
Claire Wilson (D) 30 Claire.Wilson@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7658
Andy Billig (D) 3 Andy.Billig@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7604
Keep in mind our audience. The constitutional issues with this bill are obvious to us, but keep in mind we are reaching out to an audience with different priorities. A more persuasive argument would be to highlight how this bill will unquestionably harm BIPOC individuals disproportionately, and the long history of gun control being intertwined with racism. A full list of talking points is linked here. If you have a Republican Senator, thank him/her for their opposition and reiterate that it is important to you and other responsible gun-owners that this bill does not pass.
As usual I would like to plug WCRA's Facebook page and Discord server as great resources for staying informed.
Numbers matter. It unquestionably helps our cause to have overwhelming amounts of testimony opposing these bills. Keep your comments civil, articulate, and brief. For written testimony I would advise keeping it to one paragraph.
Please reach out if you have questions and thank you for stepping up to defend your rights. We have stopped bad legislation in the past few years and with your help, will continue to do so.
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2022.01.17 19:25 Brilliant-Pay-8522 Perfect in Latex #6

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2022.01.17 19:25 tomharto Can I update an entities attributes from Node-Red?

I've added a custom attribute to an entity I'd like to have updated from Node-RED but can't seem to see anything related to updating attributes, only toggling states. Is this possible?
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2022.01.17 19:25 Akatsuki_Satori How Daizen Maeda, Reo Hatate and Yosuke Ideguchi fared on their Celtic debuts

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2022.01.17 19:25 Yojeanovsky Offering:Russian(Native)Turkish(C1), Seeking:German

Hey folks!!! Im a native Russian speaker, now living in Turkey, and speak Turkish as well. Now Im learning German, since Im planning to move to Austria. Want to exchange languages and to become friends (why not). Waiting for your feedback:))
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2022.01.17 19:25 brokenradial better late then never, mailday

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2022.01.17 19:25 rogue780 Went from 40% to 80%. Filed in September of 2021. Added PTSD and increased my right knee from 0 to 10%. Also thought it was interesting that my effective dates are almost exactly 10 years apart.

Went from 40% to 80%. Filed in September of 2021. Added PTSD and increased my right knee from 0 to 10%. Also thought it was interesting that my effective dates are almost exactly 10 years apart. submitted by rogue780 to VeteransBenefits [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 19:25 throw4way7890 How to coexist with toxic in laws?

So my husband (24m) and I (25f) have been together for going on 6 years and we been having issues lately revolving around his family. I really dont know what to do. Theres almost no arguing with them, they are very stubborn and do not apologize for anything they do because they really dont think they do anything wrong. I cant defend myself when they say hurtful things or just try to stir up drama in general. I honestly feel like no matter what I do it will never be good enough. Ive gotten to a point where Im honestly done trying, and thats now a problem. My husband tries to be the peace maker, but thats just created more of an issue because theres no middle ground here. And if he sides with them it upsets me because of the things they say and how they act, and if he sides with me they get upset because they dont think they are doing anything wrong. I know this is super vague, Im honestly scared to be specific just in the off chance anybody sees this so I just dont want more drama I just want to know how to help my relationship with him. He is very close with his family and I would NEVER nor have I ever made him cut ties with his family or anything like that just because of how I feel about them. I just personally dont want anything to do with them. But that obviously creates tension. I can answer questions about specifics, Im really running on emotions right now so my mind is all over the place.
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2022.01.17 19:25 FreakinGeese Autogynophilia?

Why dont you autogynoget yourself some bitches 不
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2022.01.17 19:25 deBLAZQUEZ deBLAZQUEZ - Tears In The Rain (This is my most listened track until now. I would like to thank everyone for the support... There is also an exclusive Remastered version on Bandcamp)

deBLAZQUEZ - Tears In The Rain (This is my most listened track until now. I would like to thank everyone for the support... There is also an exclusive Remastered version on Bandcamp) submitted by deBLAZQUEZ to outrun [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 19:25 7urmom7 I finally did it!

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2022.01.17 19:25 anothergenshinplayer What type of NAs, Skills and Bursts would you like Dendro characters to have?

I've seen posts speculating about what could be dendro's elemental reactions with the other elements, but I'm talking about the possible gameplay dendro could bring to the game. What normal attacks, elemental skills and bursts would you like dendro characters to have? Just like geo has several characters that can create geo constructs... what could dendro bring to the table?
Here are some of my ideas:

That's all I have. What possibilities do you imagine for dendro?
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2022.01.17 19:25 Broqui_Game What i'm doing wrong?

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