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Defoliation and trimming

2022.01.17 18:31 Livid_Plankton_409 Defoliation and trimming

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2022.01.17 18:31 G-Clooneys-unibrow Why did you like me?

I was the loser in middle school with the pot belly, unibrow and food on his shirt. Now I'm in my thirties and still can't take care of myself and you accuse me of trying to make you jealous. Idk
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2022.01.17 18:31 johnb1113 I’m watching the new podcast right now, and Ethans new channel should just be called h3h3!! (Or even the old channel h3h3productions, but still with the content he’s doing now cause it’s great)🤙

I’m just watching the new podcast back right now and no one has brought up bringing the old name channel back, since Dan and the crew are wanting to keep the H3TV name, I think Ethan already has a channel name that he could use you know
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2022.01.17 18:31 MillennialBets $GPRO : Why GoPro is my Top Tech Pick for 2022

Date: 2022-01-15 07:47:53, Author: u/Firm-Albatros, (Karma: 381, Created:Jan-2021)
SubReddit: WallStreetBets, DD Click Here
PICTURES DETECTED: this DD post is better viewed in it's original post
Tickers mentioned in this post:
GPRO 10.44(0.19%)|DTC 15.93(-4.38%)|
We all know GoPro ($GPRO), the maker of premium cameras for filmmakers, adventurers, athletes, and vloggers. GoPro is increasingly becoming an interesting turnaround play and is possibly one of the better investment opportunities of the year.
Subscription Model The direct-to-consumer, subscription-centric strategy on which management has been focusing has the ability to transform GoPro into a higher-margin, more profitable business with increasingly stronger growth. The impact of the DTC model can be already seen in the last couple of quarters. Both revenues and margins are on the rise.

For Q3 2021, the number of paying subscribers was up 168% y/y. The truly impressive element of this whole story is that as GoPro gets closer to Q4 and reaches approximately 1.7 million subscribers at $50 per subscriber, that translates into $90 million of run-rate.

You take that $90 million of recurring revenue, with 70% gross margins, meaning nearly $65 million in gross profits per year and growing. For a company that's priced at $1.6 billion market cap, you are getting $65 million of gross profits as a run-rate, and you are still left with the rest of the business, that's actually selling premium cameras thrown in for free!
This all together translates into GoPro's gross margin profile being the best gross margin profile since 2015.
Financials GoPro's balance sheet holds $230 million of debt. However, that's offset by the approximate $380 million of cash and equivalents.

As you can see above, the overall trajectory in cash on the balance sheet is clearly improving, growing by 41million y/y.
What's more, GoPro has over the past twelve months made $166 million of free cash flow.

Given that Q4 is likely to be very strong, it's very easy to see GoPro making more than $200 million of free cash flow this year.
Let's revisit that number from earlier, $380 million in cash in Q3, and use it together with management's guidance of approximately $485 million in cash for Q4, shown above.
If we take these two numbers, this implies that seasonal high Q4 should see close to $100 million of free cash flow.
Not only does this figure imply that GoPro's free cash flow will increase by approximately 69% y/y but this means that GoPro's free cash flow this year will be higher than $160 million
Conclusion GoPro's business is priced so absurdly cheaply that I believe It will vastly outperform most tech stocks in 2022. Here are the facts, GoPro's balance sheet has a strong net cash position. Its revenues are trending higher over time, even if a little choppy. GoPro literally oozes free cash flow. Just how much is the question. But I believe that being super conservative, it's likely to make at least $175 million in 2022. And best of all, it's priced at 9x next year's free cash flow. Not sales or EBITDA, but actual free cash flow.
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2022.01.17 18:31 samnissen No more pizzas for you

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2022.01.17 18:31 MysteriousBeardedMan Am I doing this right? 😂

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2022.01.17 18:31 ubiquitouswaffle H: Raw cement baricade W: Cave cricket tube

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2022.01.17 18:31 mountaineer4787 What did you want to be when you “grew up,” and what do you do now?

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2022.01.17 18:31 alexo2802 What could cause a sudden increase in GPU temperatures?

I've been pretty happy for a few weeks mining on my personal gaming rig with my RTX 2070S, recently, for no reason that I can think of, my temps increased significantly, not like "dust buildup", more like temps increased by 20C, general temp went 50->70, and VRAM went from 70C -> 90C.
I'm unsure if something happened physically on my GPU, or if something happened within Nicehash/OCTune/whatever else.
I touched literally nothing and didn't update the software, so I guess it ain't it? Do I have to reapply the GPU's thermal paste? it's clearly too big and too sudden of a change to just be a simple old thermal paste issue?
My case is properly ventilated, (6 case fans) and I checked, my GPU is not too dusty, and both fans work.
I'm at a bit of a loss, does anyone have any tips?
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2022.01.17 18:31 ARREST_HILLARY_NOW Biden Says George Floyd’s Death Had Bigger Global Impact Than MLK’s Assassination

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2022.01.17 18:31 GroguFett2119 Need advice on Reddit communities

I just created my first community on Reddit but I'm unsure how to get users to join. Is there someplace on Reddit that I can post my community to spread the word?
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2022.01.17 18:31 LuizToney [Hire Me].Top notch academic writer offering high quality services. Specialize in College/ University essays/dissertations/ research papers and more. Well-versed with most formatting styles:apa, IEEE, nature, Harvard, Chicago and mla. Email:Luiztoney@gmail.com: Discord:LuizToney#5010.

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2022.01.17 18:31 acloudrift a Greener Way to Die? (PopSci 2019)

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2022.01.17 18:31 Swimming_Resource828 NoFap is such bullshit

"Yeah bro just don't masturbate for 60 days and every girl in your area will be dying to date you!!!"
Like bro do you realize how dumb you sound rn??
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2022.01.17 18:31 bugrunnerboi Looking to pitch SCP idea to a writer who would be interested

Basically title, I have an idea for an SCP that’s been in my head for years but I’ve never been keen on writing it myself, was wondering if any regular authors might like to hear the idea and consider writing it up
Based on an SCP that exist at university campuses
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2022.01.17 18:31 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.17 18:31 svanapps r/BitcoinBeginners - Please recommend a good mobile wallet

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2022.01.17 18:31 bigmammoth2310 Please take an about turn

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2022.01.17 18:31 qwerty7-7-7 Help asap

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2022.01.17 18:31 Creepysoldier226 Miniature Chernobyl NPP with exploding reactor

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2022.01.17 18:31 lgats Ninestar Corporation Desktop Label Printer D1200CW (2AV8A-D1200CW)

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2022.01.17 18:31 Immediate_Highway896 Ideas de títulos para tus apuntes creativos

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2022.01.17 18:31 Inanimate_art Streaming works terribly on pc even with pretty good internet speed

Most games I've tried to stream on my laptop have either had an abysmally low framerate or the screen has looked super glitchy or both, but there's two things that make it especially weird, streaming works fine on my ps4, I have the very occasional lag spike but its completely playable, I only have problems on my laptop and the weirdest part is that of all the games I've tried, I've found two that run fine on pc, the last of us and red dead redemption, for some reason those two run pretty much flawlessly on my laptop but every other game I've tried has been pretty much unplayable. I'm really confused about what could be causing this because if either my internet or the servers were the problem then surely it would work bad on my ps4 too and I dont understand why some random games would run fine while the rest are unplayable.
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2022.01.17 18:31 tealeafandthings Sagittarius eyes

Does anyone else noticed Sagittarius having wide-set, almost squinting eyes? Many of my sag friends have this characteristic, and I see this in myself with some of my sag placements
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2022.01.17 18:31 Big-Fat-Bear To me, the t-shirt McLaren teased looks to be a similar blue to the Monaco livery, which may be evidence of a Gulf livery this year. What do you guys think?

To me, the t-shirt McLaren teased looks to be a similar blue to the Monaco livery, which may be evidence of a Gulf livery this year. What do you guys think? submitted by Big-Fat-Bear to formula1 [link] [comments]