Wie fühlt ihr gegenüber euer*m Ex?

2022.01.17 19:26 THROWmeouthere Wie fühlt ihr gegenüber euer*m Ex?

Nach meiner ersten Trennung interessiert mich: Wie fühlt ihr gegenüber eureeurem Ex? Gerne von beiden Sichtweisen aus (Person von der sich getrennt wurde und Person, die sich getrennt hat). Gerne auch nähere Beschreibungen.
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2022.01.17 19:26 longislandrapist There is a tendency for conflation of aversion to sanctimonious finger wagging and thematic messaging in general.

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2022.01.17 19:26 RocksInMaSocks2 All Full!

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2022.01.17 19:26 letthewookywin If you had $10-15k to spend on a 3D printing business, what would you buy?

I'm thinking about starting a 3D printing business as a side-hustle and have about $10-15k to spend on. I'm interested in printing as a service, not selling my own printed products. My goal is to maximize the ROI (of course) and potentially turn it into a main business in the future (with possibly more investment). I don't expect this to be a get rich quickly scheme. What would you spend the money on if you started one from zero?
Multiple low-end printers and tons of filament, so you can "mass produce"? Or just 2 printers in the price range of $5k each? Multiple printers with different technologies (FMD + SLA for example)? Is it more profitable to specialise in some more exotic areas, such as metal or carbon fiber printing? Do more expensive printers have so much value added features (such as requiring less labor, lower maintenance costs, lower failure ratio, etc) that their total cost of ownership is actually better than low end printers?
I know it might be a too generic topic with too many variables, but I'd like to get some opinions.
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2022.01.17 19:26 iets567 Skaven campaign choice (SFO)

I just completed my first total conquest (very hard) of the ME map as the warriors of chaos with a buttload (39) of mods (SFO, gates of chaos etc.) and my god it was glorious. I was basically forced to use mods, because of the chaos faction being so broken (and i hate the focus of ranged in vanilla). Its also a surprisingly good intro into learning the map. I dont touch warhammer without playing my favorite faction, warhammer without chaos just aint the same (40k or otherwise).
With all the WH3 news + plausible demon prince customization i just pre-ordered Total war Warhammer 3, after coming back to the warhammer franchise after 8 years (chaos being sh!t in total war since wh1 and Dawn of War 3 turned me off + the endless focus on plain imperial/human factions were some of the reasons). Now it looks like chaos might finally be done right for once in a video game setting, in a very long while, narrative or gameplay-wise.
Now before WH3 releases i wanna squeeze in a quick skaven campaign with focus on ranged AND melee combat for SFO. What would be the most fun? Vortex or ME? Moulder or Ikit Claw? Any suggestions are welcome!
Eternal War demands Eternal Discipline!
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2022.01.17 19:26 Adventurous_Net1211 Weird dream I just had that felt so familiar or maybe it was a movie I watched a long Time ago

So it started to with this girl being dropped off at her first year of of college her name is Clair she is hype feministic and the eldest of 8 siblings. It’s around the mid 70s, she finds a part time job as a book seller on her campus and meets this girl there. I don’t remember her name but the thought of it feels like home and it taste like the most sweetest thing like wildflower honey. They become friends and super close the wildflower herself showing Clair all these new things. One day they are closing by themselves together and Clair kisses her and wildflower kisses her back and it ends up into other stuff and the manager catches them and threatens to out them along them slurs. Clair almost drops out over the stress of it until one of her marine biology professors stop her. After a while Clair realizes that she isn’t Clair nor is she a she but rather a man stuck in a girls body and is attracted to women. He gets the proper support group in school the start to transition to Colton. After a she he gets introduced drugs to help with his dissociation about his body, the drug use gets heavier over time. Until finally he chooses to take his own l*fe by jumping in-front of a train. I feel the fall on the cold tracks and the wheels ripping me it was like a hot ripping feel and I can’t explain. And that’s it. I’m sorry, a part of me hopes it’s a movie because feeling that type of emotion pain of trying to be something your not while also trying to fit a social mold. It hurts and not being expected by your family and constantly being denied your reality hurts. Like never knew why I felt so strongly about trans rights, I thought it was something to do with me already being apart of the LGBTQ+ community until this dream.
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2022.01.17 19:26 Ansiano Can anyone remove the face tattoos?

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2022.01.17 19:26 denfan305 Cold front Florida edition

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2022.01.17 19:26 New-Anistontoplous Pamela anderson

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2022.01.17 19:26 bot_neen Proceso de restauración del Santiago de Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla

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2022.01.17 19:26 Bonus1Fact The seven U.S. senators held a series of meetings in Kyiv on Monday with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other top officials in his government.

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2022.01.17 19:26 Dracoloth_Sovereign About community (why it's not good, but probably not what you expect)

Right now I'm reading some post on reddit about how bad FFXIV is as a whole. And there is only one thing I actually agree with: if WoW community is a toxic waste, that blames everyone even for a slightest mistake (I didn't play, so I don't know, but people say so) — FFXIV community is another extreme, full of sensitive special snowflakes, instantly offended even by friendly and polite advice.
In like 10 months of playing, I myself was kicked from the group few times, because I dared to teach healers their kit. Can tank still survive in easy content like roulettes, when healer is just a curebot? Sure, but that's the source of the problem: people aren't ready for harder stuff, and when it hits them — they fail miserably. By harder I don't even mean savage tier. I did Dun Scaith approx 120 times (for glamours), and every 2nd or 3rd run MT was dying, because he wasn't cleansed by any of SIX healers.
Other people are so offended by simple "please, learn to use this in that situation", that they are leaving the group in the middle of the content, behaving like you just invited their mom to dinner. Can't recall how many times I was called toxic for politely explaining how to play better.
Is it toxic to point out mistakes? I ALWAYS help new people to learn, heck, I even run around the cities, gifting minions to fresh sprouts. I don't hate new players. I hate, when people don't want to improve. When they reply with aggression and insults to my advice. Or when they just ignore everything and keep going without any reaction.
You might say, that they didn't ask for my help (and I don't pay their sub, hehe). The problem is: they play MMORPG, so if they don't want to carry out their duties in their group — they have no place in it. Be honest — you've met such people too. And they make a good chunk of playerbase. I'm sure lots of them will also read this post, just like softhearted "mentors", who should actually TEACH players to play, not encourage their laziness and arrogance.
My sprout friend leveled AST after few weeks of starting the game and already healed better, than 80% of all healers I've ever met, simply because he did some research about the job (thanks to The Balance discord server).
And before you assume I'm just bad myself — I don't think I'm a good player. But I'm not bad either, at least understanding Twisters in UCoB took me only 5 minutes, since then I never activated it. It's like Xeno said: you don't need to be good, but you absolutely must try to not be bad. And that's the main problem of the community — people don't even want to try, instead they zealously guard their right to be as bad as they want.
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2022.01.17 19:26 Stressssedout We need more real memes

I love this subreddit, and the occasional satirical post is fine, but we need more real screen shots of TPUSA. The memes write themselves and really nothing more needs to be said.
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2022.01.17 19:26 VividAppointment4507 Safemoon Carwrap

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2022.01.17 19:26 Vibranium2222 Gov. Glenn Youngkin mocked for 'recreating the Bin Laden raid photo' over 'two inches of snow'

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2022.01.17 19:26 Reasonable_Hurry3858 My favorite ship radiant day x flamingo 🥰

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2022.01.17 19:26 redditlass How much space dies the striatum have for creating new neurons in adults?

Ive read that the striatum have limited capability to form new neurons, but how much space is there available to create new neurons in the striatum of healthy adults ?
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2022.01.17 19:26 Giantsgiants Forza Horizon fans remind me of Dallas Cowboys fans

I was watching the NFL playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Anyone who saw that game knew of the bizarre way it ended. After the game, videos surfaced of Cowboys fans throwing trash at the referees as they were walking off the field. They were acting like the Cowboys got screwed by the refs. In reality, it was the Cowboys themselves who lost the game. They chose to run right down the middle of the field with no way to stop the clock and then took their time getting the ball to the ref to start the next play. The refs ruled that the Cowboys ran out of time and the game was over.
When I saw the events that unfolded during that game, I couldn't help but think of Forza Horizon fans. Who hasn't seen a thread on here where someone claims they were wrongfully banned? Yet upon further review, it's obvious that their ban is deserved. They had a scantily clad girl, a racist symbol, a Free Candy van, etc. It's easy to say that they were the ones that messed up by choosing a design they should know goes against the rules. The enforcement team didn't screw them over here. Despite this, the user keeps posting replies trying to defend said livery and claim how Turn 10 is wrong. It just comes across as the internet version of "throwing trash at the refs". In both the case of the Cowboys and the Forza livery, nothing you say or do is going to change the decision.
I know that in both fanbases, it's a small minority, but it seems like it's that minority that ends up being the most viral. If any other Forza Horizon players saw that game, were you able to draw that parallel as well? Discuss.
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2022.01.17 19:26 cherry-pick-me [EU/EEA & UK] Lendahand - Free €25 for investing €25 + Free €25 for each friend invited

Lendahand is a Dutch crowdfunding platform where you can invest in business projects in developing countries with yields of up to 7%.
Projects vary in length from 6-36 months and in risk levels will differ as well.
They give new customers a free €25 bonus when they invest €25 with Lendahand.
The bonus is invested in the project YOU choose but if you prefer you can withdraw it afterwards.
Lendahand always replenish their pools of projects, some will promise higher returns or shorter terms and go faster, so it’s good to check again in a few days or a week if you see nothing that interests you.
1. Sign up on their main page at https://www.lendahand.com/en-EU
2. Choose your project to invest in
3. Choose the amount you wish to invest (minimum €50 required)
4. While you complete payment for the first project, enter my referral code at the checkout (in the discount tab) before finalising the payment:
5. Complete the checkout process, paying only €25 for your €50 investment
6. You will reap the benefits when your project/investment matures, hopefully gaining €50+ at the end of it
7. Repeat the process with another project/investment, or just treat yourself :)
I paid using a credit card with no foreign transaction fee (0% on interchange fees).
My referral code doesn't expire and can be used when you find a project worth investing.
The are no fees for using Lendahand.
https://www.lendahand.com/en-EU/referral-program-terms - T&Cs
https://www.lendahand.com/en-EU/borrowers - risk assessment aider
Many thanks to anyone using my referral code as I will also get free €25 when you join.
Please PM if you need any help.
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2022.01.17 19:26 Exponent_0 Can Galaxy Fold3 survive Toddler? Kid broke my S21 Ultra

My Toddler dropped my S21 Ultra, cracking the back and front glass and more importantly damaging how the phone reads the SIM. Insurance can't get me a replacement so it will give me the retail value of the phone. I'm thinking of getting a GalaxyFold3 but I'm worried my toddler will kill it.

Anyone with kids that can comment on the Fold's durability?
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2022.01.17 19:26 ayoungsimba What iOS version do you think your Jailbreak is comparable to? 

Why do we Jailbreak our devices? 
It is because our Hardware is so much more capable but the Software is very limiting…
Also we don’t want to fall into that Apple’s “TOTAL CONTROL” over their Softwares. Most of the stuff that Jailbreak community provides are quality-of-life upgrades. So much so that Apple has shamelessly taken from the Jailbreak community from day 1.
I am a designer and I like to create UI for living. I’ve contributed a lot in the back-end of design in a whole lot of roles and Jailbreak community has always been my fav because I want to design my phone the way I WANT to you know? Not with what’s given to me. Especially if I know that something can be made better, and that is what jailbreak provides me. 😊
That’s why I’m asking you and want to know, with all the TWEAKS that you’ve installed into your phones, what version of Apple’s iOS do you think your devices run in?
I personally like to believe that my iPhone is running iOS 18 (2024 and beyond). Haha
Apple will finally catch up to all the stuff that’s installed on my phone I’m the year 2024, it feels like. I want to hear you guys opinion. 🧐🤔
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2022.01.17 19:26 liliesofthefields community relief funds for paid sick leave

hey y'all I work at a small environmental nonprofit and I'm trying to secure paid sick leave for all our staff. We aren't highly profitable and already struggle to pay everyone living wages, but we do have a lot of community support. I'm looking for examples where communities support relief funds so that workers can have paid sick leave? or in general any examples y'all know I could look into of crowdfunded covid relief funds rather than relying on grants or corporate 'philanthropy'
I have been conducting my own research but tbh I'm not getting paid to do this work and am already p overwhelmed with the links I've tracked down so far, so hoping for some community wisdom
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2022.01.17 19:26 CellistSilent4126 Looking to buy a regional dex acc

So I have 2 accounts, level 44 and 43. I got my dex on both accounts pretty much full, only missing regionals. I don't spoof and was thinking about the best way to get these regionals and I landed on buying accounts. Best scenario for me would be to purchase one account with 2 of every regional all being tradeable. I live in arizona USA so I do have some regionals I've acquired through legit playing and various events. Pretty much need every regional on both accounts that havnt been featured in events or that spawn where I'm at. From what I've looked in to this would be the best way I've found to get it done. If anyone has advice on this or what an acc like this should cost all info/advice is recommended. I don't care about level, xp, dust, shinys ect, just need the regionals to fill the dex so as stated they would have to be wild caught on the acc I purchase so they could be traded to my accounts.
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2022.01.17 19:26 Jack2007ren Weapons

I’ve played through the game about 3 times now and I seem to all ways return to the talon 7 sniper rifle, 9mm pistol or the sheriff, boozers shotgun or the US556 assault rifle so I was wondering to who ever may see this what are your ordered weapons?
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2022.01.17 19:26 Beautiful-Local-5793 Spreek je nederlands?

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