Deck Building Newby

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2022.01.17 19:09 DreamDroids Cody sprite for the game. (WIP)

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2022.01.17 19:09 tim8336 Which katana is your favorite?

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2022.01.17 19:09 superbcheese basically uncooked quesadilla with ketchup... for a toddler

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2022.01.17 19:09 Dr_Catfish Tips and Tricks For Taking Out Rogues

I like killing rogues. I didn't when they were first released but after trying it I enjoy the challenge. Rogues are different than bosses for some reason. Bosses always seem to instant 7-tap my head, eyes upon first glance but rogues are the balance between intelligent, difficult AI, and feasibility. Rogues, while difficult and deadly head-on, can still be skirmished if you play smarter than them.
Because I know there are other people like me, or maybe some who just want to get rid of those quests, I've compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks I've curated over hours of running offline raids and methodically learning the ins and outs of the rogues.
I've determined that taking on the rogues solo is very difficult not in terms of skill but in time. It takes almost the entire raid just to methodically deal with them all and not die or suffer multiple blacked limbs. I recall having ~8 minutes left in raid when I was certain they all died. With a second person, this could theoretically give you ~16 minutes and with a third, ~24 so it's worth gathering your friends and trying it together. Also, you won't be overloaded with loot.
TL/DR: Rogues aren't impossible once you learn the way they work.

  1. - NEVER, and I mean NEVER, re-peak the same angle to try and kill a rogue. It's possible to get a lucky shot off, but their reactions are inhuman and their gun fire-rates simultaneously stutter your game and break the laws of physics. You WILL be shot before you can kill them and it's almost certain they'll black at least one limb: They like aiming for arms especially. Always reposition to a new angle and rely on the fact their AI is stupid and they don't move for 5-10 seconds after firing. Grenades just scatter them so unless it's a flash or an impact they aren't worth a damn.
  2. Try to avoid close-range encounters at all costs. Unless you've guaranteed you'll only be taking on one from behind or the side, it's a death trap. They aren't stupid, they'll rush you all at once and you will not have the ammo or health to deal with them all. Taking even one rogue head-on is a death sentence for reasons mentioned above. They react faster than you can if you're within 90 degrees ahead of them, I guarantee it.
  3. There isn't always a guard on both guns at the "front." (facing the rest of Lighthouse [South-facing]). Sometimes there's one, sometimes both, sometimes none. Don't assume someone else is taking on the rogues because they're missing unless you can see the dead body.
  4. All rogues will always return to their gun or set position eventually. It may take 10 seconds or a full minute, but they always come back. 9/10 times it's always better to wait until they come back. They'll be stationary and in a known position.
  5. If you're sniping (you will) and have your ranging down but the rogues aren't dying to headshots, it's fine. You're most likely ricocheting, just wait for them to come back and try again. Once I had to hit one 6 times because he was wearing condors and a wendy.
  6. When sniping, you'll likely be shot at. As soon as you hear gunfire, try to stand up and run as fast to cover as you can. .50's are the only gun that doesn't miss from 200m out first shot and rogues on the ground dial in pretty quick. After being shot at, note tip #1.
  7. Bring armour even if you think you won't need it because their rounds are shit and it'll save your life. Preferably something that covers the stomach at or above level 3.
  8. BRING FOOD AND WATER. If your lucky, there may be some in the compound. Most of the times not and you'll be spending the entire raid there.
  9. There are ALWAYS two groups of 3-4 (most times 4) ROAMING rogues. THESE ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS THING ABOUT LIGHTHOUSE They make up of a sort of basic fireteam. One will always have heavy, high-tier level 5 kit with a modded M4, one will always be running a basic, random ass 7.62 AK and no helmet. The rest are up in the air, sometimes 95 round drum mag 5.45 AKs. These are the most dangerous, because they will hide behind places deathly quite until you run past to loot their friends or something. If you're lucky and run near them on the other side of their cover, they'll do a voice line but don't count on it. Always make sure to count and assume there's one more just for safety's sake. They'll spawn and hang around 1 of 3 places:
    1. The Helicopter in the center of the compound, sitting inside the hollow.
    2. On the road just south of the north-most big white building (#2).
    3. On the road to the Northern Extract beside the Western big white building (#1).
  10. There are always a number of guards equal to the number of guns on each big white building and they are ALWAYS manned. KILLING THE GUARD ON A GUN DOES NOT PERMANENTLY DISABLE IT. THE GUARD FROM THE OTHER SIDE CAN RUN TO AND MAN THE GUN YOU JUST TOOK OUT AND THERE MAY BE A STRAGGLER. On occasion, one or two buildings may contain a third rogue that just runs around like an idiot. This idiot will also man a disabled gun as mentioned and ruin your day.
  11. Start working on rogues as soon as you can. It's a long, patient process and you'll need all 40 minutes to kill, clear and extract. Remember to bring money for the vehicle extract. If you're on that side of the map when you happen to be finished looting, it's quicker and harder to camp than Northern. - Regarding Northern extract, both scavs and PMCs like to camp it waiting for rogue loot to fall into their lap. Best option is to get Train if it lines up but honestly just whip all the grenades you got off the rogues around like fire-crackers in the extract area. Should flush anyone out.
  12. On occasion, a rogue or two may enter the big white buildings. They don't typically, but for you it's actually a good thing because you're able to hear them coming much easier and can prepare for them to pop around the corner. When they walk into you, they seem to act a lot stupider than when you run into them. Use this to your advantage.
  13. After you believe you've cleared everything, treat it like there's an enemy around every corner still. Never know when a dead silent rogue is waiting for you to run past them or when they're hiding behind something you couldn't see or that one straggler of the roaming groups isn't where you expected him to be. Or maybe player scavs/PMCs have learned of your deeds.
  14. Bring a big backpack for the guns/armouvests that you'll need to carry and an obdolobos for that end-of-raid-extract sprint. You can justify spending money on a bigger backpack by bringing only a sniper rifle. Pick up one of the rogues' weapons after you kill them and eventually enter the compound.
  15. The rogues with the 95 round 5.45 drums are firing BT typically. They're the only ones not firing shit ammo so it's worth unloading if you have the time.
  16. The eastern cliff-side (the big rocks) give you much, MUCH better views on the compound. Problem is, it also opens you up to many angles from the enemy, both rogues and PMCs alike. Still, it's the best place to be. The east side white building (#3), the one that would be closest to you, has only one gun facing your direction and its behind a metal sheet, restricting its field of view to the point where it can't hit you. Biggest concern is the roaming groups of rogues, who can and will laser you from their position even if they're 300 away.
  17. Assuming you have a group of any size, have at minimum 2 people dedicated to sniping the white buildings and then providing overwatch against the two roaming groups as they can. Split up so that the snipers pincer the compound from the west coast and east cliffs so you can divide the rogues' attention. If you happen to have more than two, have two snipers on the east cliff and after dealing with most of the building rogues, have one of them advance into the compound for scouting purposes. More than three, have the two non/optional snipers slowly advance through the compound and discover where the roaming groups are for the snipers to deal with. They can also provide support for the snipers by watching for enemy PMCs and dealing with player scavs.
That's all the tips and tricks I can really think of after my efforts. If any of you have any more, I'll edit this to provide them and also credit you by including your name.
Happy hunting, shooters.
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2022.01.17 19:09 runandrepeat Advice on Protein Powder

I would love to buy some protein powder for two reasons: as an easy way to add some more calories to my diet while being on my elimination period and to have a liquid snack around while I am not at home. Does anyone have experience with rice protein powder? I think it shouldn't create trouble for me as it is basically 100% rice. At the same time I don't want to buy 3kg of Protein Powder just to then realize that my gut hates it 😄
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2022.01.17 19:09 haber-trend Sıcak! | Filipinler'in başkenti Manila'da toplu taşımada aşı zorunluluğu #Filipinler #Manila #RodrigoDuterte son saatin en çok aranan 10. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 5 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2022.01.17 19:09 SmolChristian How hard is it to get the classes you want as a freshman?

Hi all, I am a dual enrollment high school student. I only have about 4 classes to take til I can apply to the nursing school (I think i will have 60 or more when I graduate), but I have heard that class registration at UNC can be a nightmare. What is your experience and do you have any advice for a freshman?
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2022.01.17 19:09 sqwwqw5 My first kill of Korvaak on HC...

My first kill of Korvaak on HC...
My first character who can retire willingly...
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2022.01.17 19:09 FitYogurtcloset7449 I'm a compassionate Witcher. I won't deny that in some instances, I've denied my due reward to help those in need. The "Screecher" contract for example. Contractor adopted an orphan. Being an adopted orphan myself, it hit close to home. So I rejected the reward.

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2022.01.17 19:09 Glittered_Gutter Visitation Part 2, me, acrylic on paper, 2022

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2022.01.17 19:09 This-Plant slow degrade to mental/emotional health

Ok so I don't like seeking help online although I'm tired of oversharing or feeling misrepresented with like the 2 people I know irl. I grew up exposed to drugs at a very early age which comes with its own level of baggage and trauma but for now I'm more worried about the mental implications, stunted emotional growth, etc. Over the last few years I have been coming to accept a lot of what's happened either via therapy/counseling or amends. The problem is the more closure I get the more mentally unwound I have become. I struggle with things like basic self care and for lack of a better expression I'm socially challenged. The challenges come from undiagnosed medical issues as well as trying to re-intigrate into normal functioning society without the proper support. I have been losing emotional cognitive function to the point where I go through the full spectrum of emotion back and forth constantly it's exhausting. I started drinking again recently to cope but it only exaggerated my mood swings and made it impossible to hide them. I feel like I'm losing agency with myself and I don't know what to do I don't feel like there are people I can talk to. A big part of this problem is that I can't even agree with myself over a long period of time anymore I think I'm going insane. The only constant I have is an overwhelming feeling of guilt, self disdain and impulsively lashing out at myself. The last one worries me the most because I've started having the same bursts that I've had privately with myself my whole life but more and more publicly and the severity has been growing as well. I've also been losing time I don't feel tethered to anything. I've gone into a fugue before but I can't remember my catalyst and since the pandemic I can no longer afford counseling. I don't know what I expect from this but I feel like I have clarity of mind right now. I'm very tired and the stress is beginning to effect my heart. I tend to lean into hypochondriac tendencies so I'm reluctant to web MD I don't even know if it would help. I'm very concerned I'm going to lose my jobs due to my lack of personal stability. Since trying to drink I switched back to producing music again but everything I write ends up making me repulsed and I'll. I tried drawing again but looking back through my art book everything is disfigured and off I don't want to be like this. How do people cope and how do you begin with first steps
Tl:Dr What kind of coping mechanisms do you use for mental/emotional dysfunction ivould use em
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2022.01.17 19:09 Doctorwho42man Why I believe that The Dark Knight is the greatest Batman movie, and possibly the best superhero movie of all time.

Before I begin, I would like to say that this is my opinion, and this is how I feel, you don't have to agree with me.
I'm going to save the best for last, so I'm going to start with my critiques of the movie, and then get into why it's so incredible.
I have very very few critiques about this, other than the recasting of Rachel. I think that Maggie Gyllenhaal was good, but Katie Holmes was just so much better. I feel like Maggie's portrayal of Rachel was quite bland. During the party where Joker breaks in, after he threatens multiple people, she's just like "Ok stop" in the blandest tone ever.
The one other thing, that isn't even a critique, is that Christian Bale's Batman wasn't the best performance. It was the second best. I think that Michael Keaton was a fantastic Batman, and he didn't talk in that super low, raspy voice that Christian does. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say.
Saving the best for last, I'm going to start with Harvey Dent.
Aaron Eckhart was definitely the best Harvey Dent from the movies, because there really weren't any other Harvey's other than Batman 1989 and I guess Batman Forever, from what I can remember. And honestly, it is hard to do an amazing performance for Two-Face, because you have to be so, well, two-faced to be able to play the part well. I think the best Two-Face was the one from Arkham City and Arkham Knight, even though those are games. Harvey Dent is a pretty generic character, so it's hard to have depth, but Aaron pulled it off pretty well.
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox was the best possible person they could have cast to play him. We don't get to see him very much in the movie, which I wish we could, but when he does show up, he just plays the part that he always does. A loving character with good morals. The movie version of the Arkham series "Detective Mode" and Lucius's view is a big proprietor of this. I don't have much else to say about Lucius, because he is a supporting character.
Christian Bale was most definitely the best Bruce Wayne. He pulls the "Billionaire Playboy" look off perfectly. I've sat here for 5 minutes trying to think about someone better to play him, but I can't. He was definitely a great Batman, and I honestly am not sure about the Michael Keaton thing. Bale's suit was cooler, and he had a MOTORCYCLE!! The tumbler is super cool, but the 1989 batmobile is my favorite batmobile by far, second only to the '66 series. I think Bale and Keaton are probably tied.
Gary Oldman is definitely the most revered actor in this entire movie, except possibly Christian, and maybe Heath. Gary's performance of Commissioner Gordon, especially in Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, is absolutely amazing. He plays the part phenomenally. He is obviously very dedicated, and he perfectly encapsulates Gordon's ambition for trying to always do good and be fast-acting. He is an amazing actor, and one of the most dedicated I've ever seen. I wish I could talk more about him, but I want to stay on the topic of Batman and not Harry Potter.
Heath. Fucking. Ledger. Oh my god, what an amazing performance. He's just incredible. It is absolutely tragic that he had to die so young, and I wish he could've seen how everyone reacted to the Dark Knight. He played the role like no one has ever before, and he was incredibly convincing in seeming absolutely insane. I mean every scene he is in is just perfect. There is absolutely no one that can rival him as the Joker, and while Joaquin Phoenix's performance was great, it is nothing compared to Heath's. I almost can't put it into words, because it doesn't need to be restated. He is THE BEST Joker.
The plot of the story is great, and it shows just how insane the Joker really is. I may make another post, but this one is getting really long.
Keep in mind, this is my opinion.
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2022.01.17 19:09 TheShuichiSaihara Who Do You Choose?

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2022.01.17 19:09 greywolf_18 We should get a series about Whites point of view

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